I like the activity (Don’t Panic) because it mentions almost everything about how to manage a classroom, how to use the body language effectively, how to encourage my learners to speak and keep speaking English and importance of eye contact in detail. First we, as English teachers of future, should know that Classroom Management has an big impact on education. We should take care every detail like sitting arrangement,using our voice, equipments and blackboard use to create a good atmosphere for teaching English. If we can arrange these details properly, they make both us and our students feel secure. And that security facilitates the learning process. Second, the body language consists of body posture, gestures, eye movements etc… “It is said that human communication consists of 93% body language, while only 7% communication consists of words.” This sentence is enough to show how important it is. “Eyes never lie.” Eye contact, a part of body language, can provide social and emotional information about our students. I think I will never write something to this part : “ I dislike the activity....” because if it would not be a good activity, you would not show us. So lets take this part out of the template  I have a difficulty in figuring out how to use eye contact efficiently. It is a canal of emotions but a bit dangerous if I cannot manage the looking time. I must pay more attention to this issue (these sentences do not mean that you could not explain it sufficiently, I am just a bit worried about using it) I suppose I need to focus more on knowledge, personality and authority to keep my learners in my hand. Moreover I need to focus more on Body Language because it is the mirror of mind of a person and gives some clues about students. On the other hand I must have a “B Plan” in my left pocket. (I have these information above in my right pocket). So, I DO NOT PANIC..! 

Abdurrahman KaLa

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