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what happens when edward and bella get into a car crash? she looses her memory. COMMENT! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!
what happens when edward and bella get into a car crash? she looses her memory. COMMENT! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!

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Published by: peyton on Mar 19, 2010
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Regret (All human! P.S: Edward, Emmett and Jasper were adopted by Carlisle and Esme.

Bella, Alice and Rosalie are biological sisters. Their parents are Renée and Charlie. ) EPOV It was Tanya’s 18th birthday. I quickly got up and took a shower. I wanted to surprise her. What boyfriend would I be if I didn’t? I finished my shower and got changed. I walked out side my house and ran to my car. “Where are you going Edward?” Emmett yelled. “To buy flowers for Tanya!” I replied. Emmett smiled. “You are so whipped.” Emmett smirked. I have to admit it, I loved my brother, but he annoyed me so much some times. I heard Jasper laughing in the background. I drove to the bet flower shop closest to Forks. It was in Port Angeles. “Hi George, its Tanya’s 18th birthday and I want to get her something special. What flowers do you think I should buy?” I asked the owner. He was an old family friend of my father’s. “Blue roses. They symbolize attaining the impossible. You’d basically be telling her she is a rare amazing person to find.” He replied. “Perfect!” I said. He handed me the bouquet as I paid. I quickly ran out. I wanted to be there when she woke up. I drove to her house. She was going to love it! I opened her house with the set of keys she gave me. I ran up to her room as quickly as I could. I opened her

door, but what I saw wasn’t pleasant. It was Tanya, my girlfriend, the love of my life, making out with another guy. But it wasn’t any guy. It was Garrett, my best friend. BPOV I awoke to the sound of bouncing. It was Alice jumping up and down on the side of my bed. “Morning Bella!” She said. She was practically jumping with excitement. It was our parent’s 23rd anniversary and we were throwing a huge surprise party for them. “Alice,” I groaned. She looked innocently at me. “What is it you need? It can’t be so important that you had to wake me up at 7:45.” I said. Rosalie came in my bedroom looking frustrated. Alice gave me a sheepish smile. “Well Bella, we knew that you worked late at the restaurant last night so we let you sleep in.” She said. Sleep in? 10:30 was sleeping in. “Anyways, we wanted to make breakfast for Mom and Dad so that they wouldn’t suspect we are throwing a party for them. We wanted them to think that breakfast was the only surprise. It’s just that…” She trailed off. I raised my eyebrows. “It’s just that between us three, you’re the only one who knows how to cook…well.” Rosalie finished for her. I smiled. My sisters were the best; they were going to let me sleep in while they did all the work. I didn’t know what I did to deserve them. “Okay! Come on you guys! Let’s go.” I said. I didn’t mind. I loved to cook.

Alice and Rosalie smiled at me. It was time to get working. EPOV Tanya jumped off Garrett and looked at me startled. “Edward…we can explain.” She said. I thought about it and it all suddenly made sense. The way Garrett looked at Tanya, why he was always at her house and why Tanya had always seemed to be far away when she was with him. I laughed darkly. “What Tanya? What is there to explain? You were making out with my best friend. I think I’ve known it all along actually.” I spat. Garrett stood up. “Look bro, you don’t need to be mean about this.” Garrett said. “I don’t need to be mean about this? How are you being nice?” I asked. “I can’t help it. She’s amazing.” He said. This sent me off the edge. I punched him. “Edward! What the heck!” Tanya screeched. She ran over to where Garrett was lying on the floor. “Garrett, honey, are you okay?” She asked. I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of her house and left my pair of keys on her kitchen counter. What did I need them for? BPOV “Oh girls, you didn’t need to do this!” Mom said as her and dad looked at the food sitting in front of them. “We wanted to!” Alice gushed. We made mom her favourite blueberry pancakes, we made dad French toast

and we added fruit on the side. I had to admit it, it smelled delicious. “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Your anniversary is a time for sharing your affection; it’s obvious the two of you have quite a deep connection! We send glad congratulations and heartfelt wishes, too, for joyful happiness and love in everything you do.” Dad read out. (N/A: That poem was not by me! I found it on the internet!) “Aw, thank you girls!” Mom said. We all grinned. EPOV I went home and ran to my room. I locked the door and blasted my I-pod. Emmett and Jasper came running at my door. “Edward! What happened to you? Are you having a teenage phase or something? Are you emo? Are you suicidal?” Emmett yelled. I could almost feel Jasper rolling his eyes. “Edward! What happened? Just please come out and explain.” Jasper said. I didn’t respond. I didn’t move. I just sat there on my bed, wallowing. But after a half an hour of constant nagging, I finally stopped my music and got up. “You want an explanation?” I yelled. Emmett and Jasper actually looked scared. “I went to Tanya’s house and I found her making out with another guy! And it wasn’t just any guy! It was my best friend! It was Garrett!” I screamed. I slammed the door, locked it and went back to my bed.

BPOV We waited for mom and dad to go to work. They finally left! We got everything ready. We called to make everyone was coming, we cooked and decorated and we cleaned up the house. It was an hour before the party when Alice grabbed me. “Bella, I forgot to pick up the present! It’s at the antique shop still. I was supposed to bring it home with me but mom heard I was shopping and came in. They said they would wrap it and everything but I had to pick it up! Can you go for me?” She asked. “Sure Alice! Calm down!” I said. She sure had a bundle of nerves. I ran my car and started to make my way towards the store. EPOV It was around 6:00 when I had enough. I needed to get out of here. “Emmett, Jasper, I’m leaving! I’ll be back soon!” I screamed. They didn’t argue. I drove to the closest bar and I drank until I was drunk enough to forget about Tanya. I was laughing hysterically until the owner had enough and kicked me out. I was still laughing when I got in my car and made my way home. BPOV It was 7:15 and I needed to get home soon. I saw the store and thankfully it was still open. I turned my car, but I didn’t get any farther. A silver Volvo hit my side of the car. As I faded into unconsciousness all I could think was…Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner.

APOV I heard my cell phone ringing, maybe that was Bella. I wondered where she was. “Is this Alice Swan?” A voice asked. “Yes this is her. Who is this?” I asked. “This is Bonnie Anderson. I’m a nurse at the St. Joseph Hospital in Port Angeles. Your sister Bella is here.” She said. (I added u in the story bonnie! Since I couldn’t add u in Edward and Bella I thought I would add u in this one! ) “What? Bella is there?” I asked frantically. “Yes. I’m so sorry. She’s in the emergency room. It’s serious you and your family should get here immediately.” She said. “Yes, I’m on my way.” I said. Rosalie looked at me in confusion. “Rose, we have to go. Our sister’s in the emergency room.” I whispered. EPOV I watched blurrily as my car collided with another one. The last thing I saw was a pair of frightened brown eyes. JPOV I opened my cell phone. Hopefully that would be Edward. “Hello?” I asked. “Is this Jasper Cullen?” A voice asked. “Yes.” I replied.

“This is Bonnie Anderson at the St. Joseph hospital in Port Angeles. Your brother Edward is here. I think you should get here immediately.” She said. “Yes, we’ll be there right away!” I said. “What’s wrong Jazz?” Emmett asked. “We have to go. Edward’s in the hospital.” I said. BPOV Was I dead? All I could see was the darkness. All I could feel was numbing. I couldn’t think properly. I didn’t have the strength. I gave up and drowned once again in the darkness. RPOV This was horrible. Our poor sister was in the hospital. The nurse Bonnie came in. “Hello. Once again I am so sorry for what had happened. I spoke with Dr. Cullen. He works in a hospital in Forks. We are going to send her there so she can be closer to home. Plus, he has the right experience for her case.” She said. No one spoke. “Yes thank you.” I said hoarsely. That’s what she needed, to be closer to home. (3 days later at the Forks Hospital) APOV This was my fault. I should’ve gone instead of making her go. If she hadn’t gone, she would be here talking and laughing. RPOV

“Hello. I am Dr. Cullen” A voice said. We turned to the door and saw a handsome man standing there. “Hello.” We said. I looked at mom and dad, they looked tortured. “So, I’ve looked at her case and she is stable. The worst thing that can happen now is memory loss.” He said. He looked worn down. His son was in the hospital too. Dr. Cullen, Carlisle as he preferred, asked us if we wanted to know who hit her. We said yes. It was unfortunately his son, Edward. He had explained what had happened. How his girlfriend cheated on him. He was drunk. We all nodded. We didn’t need to punish him. It was an accident. Edward had gone to our school. He and his brother’s had been going to our school. Me, Alice and Bella had been crushing on them forever. “Memory loss…” Alice croaked out. I knew she was afraid of that, we all are. We didn’t want Bella to forget us and who she was. All of her memories would be gone. “Yes, memory loss. It can be temporary or…” He trailed off. “Or?” Dad asked. “Or permanent, I’m very sorry.” He said. Bella could stay like this forever? Edward walked in. My father was the only one who held a grudge toward him. We all accepted him. He said sorry countless times and he was a really good guy. He hadn’t meant for this to happen. He was surprisingly attached to Bella. He refused to leave her. Unlike Bella, his injuries were only cuts and bruises.

I wasn’t going to let him get away with this, not until mom mentioned how Bella would have forgiven him. Edward stayed silent the whole time Carlisle talked about Bella’s chances. He started to apologize. “Listen I’m really sor...” He began. I didn’t let him finish. “Yes we know Edward! You’re driving us insane! Stop apologizing! Bella would have said the same thing.” I said. Once I mentioned what Bella would’ve done he didn’t say any more. It was getting late. W had spent the night here for the past 3 weeks. We decided we would go home and come back in the morning. Edward insisted that he stayed when we told him to go. He put up a strong fight. In the end he stayed. EPOV I watched her sleep unconsciously. I was a monster. I put her here. It was all because of me. Bella was beautiful. I looked around. No one was here. I carefully put her hand in mine. I loved her. Yes, it sounds sick because I haven’t even talked to her, but from what I hear from her family she is great. I wanted so badly to meet her. I watched in amazement as her eyelids fluttered open. BPOV I looked around me. I felt someone snatch their hand away from mine but didn’t say anything. Obviously they didn’t want me to know. I was in a hospital. How did I get

here? I looked to the person beside me and found a pair of beautiful green eyes. “Hello.” He said. His voice was like bells. “He-hello.” I stammered. He was like a Greek god. “Who are you and why am I here?” I asked. He looked guilty. I tried to remember the past but all I could find was…nothing. It was like a black void. “Well Bella…” He started. I interrupted him. “Who’s Bella?” I asked confused. His brows knitted together and he looked worried. “I’ll be right back.” He said. I heard him whispering to a man. He kept saying things about some Bella person. The man came back in while the angel took out his cell phone and called someone. “Hello.” The man said. I looked at him and smile politely. “Why am I in a hospital?” I asked. The man fidgeted. “You got into a car accident.” He said. I did? How come I couldn’t remember? “My name is Carlisle Cullen and I’m a doctor here. Can you remember anything about your past?” He asked. “Hello Dr. Cullen.” I said. I thought very hard. I still couldn’t remember anything. “No I can’t remember anything.” I said. He nodded. The angel came back in with a group of other people. A girl, she was short and pixie-like, came and hugged me. “Hello Bella.” She said. Who the heck was Bella? Dr. Cullen saw my confusion. “You name is Isabella Marie Swan but you prefer Bella. Your birthday is September 13, you’re 17 years old. This

is your sister Alice, that’s your other sister Rosalie and that’s your parents.” He explained. I felt guilty not remembering them. “You don’t need to apologize.” Rosalie said. I smiled. “Dr. Cullen…” I said. “Carlisle.” He corrected. “Right, Carlisle. Um who’s that?” I whispered. The angel smiled. “I’m Edward.” He said. I was still confused. “Are you my boyfriend?” I asked. He smiled. “No, I’m…your friend.” He finished lamely. I felt the heat in my cheeks and knew I was blushing. “Oh.” I replied sheepishly. “That’s another thing, you blush so easily.” Alice said. This made me blush even more. “Alice!” hissed my mom. “No it’s okay mom.” I said. She smiled widely when I called her that. “We’ll let you catch up.” Carlisle said as him and Edward started to leave. I looked at Edward. “Wait!” I said. Everyone looked surprised at my sudden outburst. “You can stay if you want.” I said quietly. “If that’s okay with you.” He said. I nodded my head eagerly and he chuckled. It was the best sound I’ve ever heard. RPOV “It’s getting early. I think you should go home and sleep. It’s 3 in the morning.” Bella said.

“No we won’t leave you.” I said. Bella shook her head. “It’s okay. Really.” She said. “Okay.” We said. We were tired. We all said our goodbyes, but Edward didn’t leave when we did. Charlie grumbled at that but I could tell Bella wanted to talk to him alone. BPOV Edward started to get up. “Wait!” I said. He looked shocked. “Or if you want to go…” I mumbled. Edward chuckled and sat down. “Is it okay if I stay the night?” He asked. I nodded and blushed. “So we’re friends?” I asked. Edward looked doubtful but he said yes. We talked all night. He filled me in on things I probably forgotten. He told me about myself and about himself. I was about to fall asleep when Edward whispered, “Goodnight my Bella. Sweet Dreams.” That was the first night I dreamt of him. EPOV I stayed there. I watched her sleep. She was beautiful when she was sleeping. “Edward…hmm.” Bella said. I froze. Did she wake up? “Edward.” Bella said again. She was still sleeping. She was dreaming about me.

BPOV I woke up in the hospital and looked around. Edward was still here. I was glad he stayed. I waited for him to wake up. I couldn’t wait until I could talk to him again. Wait, if we were just friends, then how could I like him? Maybe I had before the accident and then he turned me down. Maybe that was why I thought he was my boyfriend when I woke up. This could not happen. I would talk to him like I didn’t really care too much. I would think about what I said and make sure I didn’t give too much away. Just because I lost my memory didn’t mean I could make things happen that never would in the first place. I don’t think it would’ve ended well anyways. What if he was just being sympathetic? EPOV When I woke up I found Bella staring at me and smiling. When she saw me looking she quickly looked at the ground. “Good Morning.” She mumbled. “Good Morning!” I said. She looked at me again and started to blush when I smiled at her. “Hello you two.” Alice said. We both looked at her startled. The rest of mine family and Bella’s family came in. “Edward, don’t tell me you spend the night again!” Renée said. I smiled sheepishly. “Guilty is charged.” I replied. Renée rolled her eyes.

(3 days later) BPOV I got discharged from the hospital and went home. I didn’t even know where my room was. I was surprised, that it is exactly what I could picture having. It wasn’t too flashy or colourful. It was simple. The bed was already made. My desk was nice and clean and there was nothing on the floor. It was nice to know I was neat. Compared to my sister’s rooms this place was heaven. I woke up and took a long shower. The strawberry shampoo I found felt strangely soothing. I finished my shower and got changed. Alice and Rosalie already left. I told them to go. It was okay. I wanted to be alone for awhile. I grabbed a granola bar and made my way outside. I didn’t expect it at all. Edward was standing there. He looked amazing. He shot me a crooked smile and I was suddenly incoherent. “Good Morning Bella. I was wondering if you’d like a ride to school with me today.” He said. I smiled. “If that’s okay with you.” I said. We made our way over to his shiny Volvo and he opened the door for me. What a gentlemen! “Snap out of it Bella!” I whispered to myself while Edward was still making his way to his side. “Clair De Lune?” I asked. He raised his eyebrows. “You know Debussy?” He asked. “Well last night my mom was telling me stuff about herself. She loves classical music and she said that this

was one of my favourites. I listened to it all last night.” I explained. Edward nodded his head. “It’s one of my favourites too.” He said. We sat in an awkward silence to the school. “Do you even know your classes?” He asked. I laughed. “I pulled that one on my mom so I wouldn’t have to go to school. She gave me this though.” I said as I gave showed him my schedule. He chuckled. “Do you know how to get there though?” He asked. Oh gosh. I didn’t even know how to get to my own classes. That’s just great. Edward saw my distress and laughed. “Don’t worry. I can take you to your classes if you like.” He said. “Yes, that would be nice. Thanks.” I said. “You’re Welcome.” He replied. When we got out of the car there were gasps everywhere. Maybe at my appearance, but it wasn’t that bad. I just had a walking cast and some bandages but that was it. The principle had already told the students about my memory loss. But maybe it was something else… It was like that for the whole morning. Everybody who saw me and Edward together started to gasp, point and whisper about us. It wasn’t nice. I didn’t like to be the center of attention. “Edward I’ll meet you in the cafeteria okay? I have to go to the ladies washroom.” I said. “Okay.” He replied. When I went in the washroom there were two girls glaring at me. The blonde girl started to say something and I knew it wouldn’t be nice.

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