3/11/10 Water is my element The rain my life Silently engulfing me With love and a sense of belonging Rushing water Calms

and cools my mind Any time away Starts the withdrawal I need my water to live It controls me And I control it In a field full of drops Not a one hits my face And I am completely surrounded Safely and securely kept from the Destruction of the world Fire is my desire It sparks a flame within me Lights flickering Heat I can feel against my skin Flame burning my skin Burning inside me Such a delicate taste Such a harmful touch Fire is my biker in leather A dangerous sense of need Of danger and forbidden romance Keeps me coming back for more Not at all caring if the flame gets to high Wishing it would get out of control And burn down all intruders in my way Wind my mate A kind soul Always there to lift me up Blowing around me Making me feel unique Sparking that same sense of need But also a sense of love, of compassion Showing special attention to me Though sometimes blowing in the opposite way Ruffling your feathers But most likely than not

Blowing in my direction Simply a hand to guide my hair Back behind my ear

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