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Beasting Model UN

A How To for the SHS Model UN Club

Created by Amal Cheema


Track One:
Conference Decorum
Position Papers

Track Two
Resolution Writing
Power Play
Things of Minute Detail

What is Model UN?

Any one brave enough to answer?

When is Model UN Fun or




can actually talk
can power play
can make friends

You dont know what the hell is going on
You dont care enough to do anything
You didnt research

Research, Research,
What to Research?
How much should you research?
Reading and preparing

Make a list of things you want to discuss

Make a list of points you want to make
A list of quotes, speeches, and resolutions passed
Your country stance
What you want to do and how you want to do it
Opening speeches
To set the agenda
For each topic

Position Papers
You will NOT get an award if you do not
submit a position paper
What are some things that are important for
position papers?

Introduction on Country + Committee


Intro to topic
Important actions by the UN so far
Country importance and relation
Possible stances in debate
Summarize position

Bad Position Paper

Why are some nations rich and others poor? One conclusion that has been drawn by
economists is that a populations educational level plays a role in its wealth. However, many of
the scientists and professionals driving the economies of developed nations are immigrants
from developing nations who have migrated in search of higher salaries and increased
opportunities. This phenomenon strongly impacts the developing world. For example, countries
are encouraged to invest in education as a means of economic growth, but what good is this if
educated citizens are allowed to immigrate to countries with higher wages, allowing those
countries to reap the rewards of the developing worlds educational expenditures?
The so-called brain drain is an issue that affects numerous nations around the globe. While
some countries such as the United States profit from this migration of the educated class,
developing nations are left to deal with unprofitable education systems, a weakened economy,
and a shortage of doctors and other necessary professionals. The brain drain thus stands
beside nuclear non-proliferation agreements as a weapon of the developed world to oppress
and subvert the developing world.
Although North Korea has installed the necessary measures to prevent the defection of its
educated class, evil developing countries continue to attempt to force the brain drain upon the
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. For example, an operation called operation weasel
organized by 11 nations forcibly smuggled 20 top North Korean scientists out of their
homeland. This type of action, as well as the standard brain drain effect, is completely
unacceptable. Every nation has a right to its intellectual capacity and should use this right to
develop itself and throw off the yolk of its oppressors.

Good Position Paper

The earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince on January 12 of last year crippled an already chronically
impoverished and unstable nation. The earthquake killed over 200,000 Haitians, and many more were left injured,
homeless, and destitute. It is difficult to say if the survivors are lucky; Haiti faces seemingly-insurmountable issues.
Famine, unemployment, disease (notably cholera), illiteracy, and the lack of basic commodities, potable water, and
medical supplies and treatment plague the great majority of Haitians. One percent of Haitians control approximately
50% of the nations monetary resources; meanwhile, 78% of their unfortunate countrymen struggle to survive on
less than $2 a day. Crime, gang culture, and violence are also predominant in Haiti. However, these issues all stem
from the same root: Haitis poor infrastructure and political instability. Since the nation gained independence from
France in 1804, it has experienced thirty-two coup dtats. Its government has been characterized by dictatorships,
corruption, weak leadership, and economic struggles. The earthquake further damaged Haitis political situation by
delaying the scheduled elections and killing or injuring many prominent government officials. Finally, Haiti is
completely dependent on other countries. Although it possesses potentially arable farmland, Haiti imports virtually
all of its food. Therefore, its food markets are at the mercy of international prices. The eradication of crime,
desperate poverty, and lack of shelter may be short-term goals of this conference; however, the creation of a stable
government and strong infrastructure must not be overlooked if long-term prosperity is desired.
Before it gained independence, Haiti was a colony of France. The 150 million gold francs France demanded of Haiti
in restitution for Frances lost revenue helped to establish Haiti as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.
Because of this, the late President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti requested $22 billion in reparations money from
France. However, France believes that it is not the sole responsibility of any one nation to rebuild Haiti. It is
unreasonable to expect France to fund Haitis renaissance. France will, of course, continue to contribute funds and
supplies to the cause; several of the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) currently aiding Haiti are strongly
linked to France. Mdecins Sans Frontires (Doctors Without Borders) is a prominent example. Although it was the
choice of the Haitian to revolt against France, the French Republic does find it imperative to assist Haiti as a fellow
member of the international community and ensure its independence.

As previously stated, France is certain that the roots of this crisis are Haitis poor
infrastructure, severe dependence on other countries, and weak government. However,
the most pressing issues are those concerning safety and health. More peace-keeping
troops should be sent into the Cit Soleil slums, so that gang culture, as well as the
widespread sexual abuse of girls and women can be subdued. A soon as possible, Haitis
current government should be stabilized. Nevertheless, 10,000 NGOs are currently
providing medical and construction aid to Haitians. However, this crisis requires a more
efficient solution. Knowledge and practice of sanitation and birth control should be
spread by positive campaigns and volunteer workers throughout the slums and cities of
Haiti. This action will, along with the construction and support of additional quality
hospitals in Port-au-Prince, reduce overpopulation and the spread of disease. The
construction of reservoirs and revival of local farming practices will bring potable water
and increased food to all Haitians. These construction projects will also provide jobs for
millions of unemployed Haitians. Finally, it is imperative that UNSC keep long-term
goals in sight; any immediate progress will fade without a firm economic and political
foundation. However, our nation is extremely firm in the idea that Haiti will remain an
interdependent country, free from the greed of the western nations.
Although our histories are not one free from the stains of regret, the most important thing
for the French Republic is the fate and safety of the Haitians, as people of the
international community.

Conference Decorum
Before you get there
When you get there

What does the room look like?

The awkward moments before hand
How to interact with the Chair
Professionalism and Power Idea

When committee starts

Introductions be humble
Amazing opening speech looks like
Raise your placard all day, every day

More Conference Decorum

What types of people are there and what

should you watch out for
Power players
Outright obnoxious
What you sacrifice by being one

People who dont know why there are there and
the Silent

Speakers List

Introduce your stance

Bring up new points to discuss from your list
and teaser an idea
Make sure you convince the committee that this is
a great point
How might you do so?

Then motion for a moderate caucus afterwards

Discuss collaborations or pose questions

Get the silent to yield you your time
Chair sees power
Everyone else not so much

Moderate Caucus

Keep the committee moving

Point out if you havent discussed a point so much

Fight, but compromise your point

Dont expect youll be a genius on the spot

Compromise with other peoples ideas

DO NOT SAY I agree with so and so
Do say I agree with this IDEA

Late topic popular ones

Motion to discuss resolutions
We will talk about this later

Unmoderated caucuses

What to do in an unmoderated caucus

Find a group
The Silent

Taking control
Get out the paper
Set the timeline
One by one, get everyones ideas
Make sure the resolution points get sent to you

Confer with the Chair

Ask clarifying questions
Be on the look out for them
How to get another delegate in trouble
How to impress

Speech: How you look



Speech: How you look


Only two good ones




Where do you stand?
To whom are you talking?
How do you begin a speech?
How to impress in a speech

Refer to resolutions and scenarios

Use analogies and metaphors
Shows comprehension

Dont however say this is like another event. It is most likely

Quote people or make up quotes
Speak eloquently
Get your point across
Romneys lists


Lets try some

Ill do one
Then Ill call on random people to do stand up and
try their best
Rahul will judge

Points to Consider
You BETTER read your packet
Model UN Database
Position Papers for SUBMUN are due
We want them beforehand