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Survey Report

Topic - Auction Program Survey

Background & Goal According to what we have learned in Multimedia Art and
Technology. We decided to create a program which is called M-bidding. It is about auction.
This application allows people who want to buy or sell anything online which is very
convenient for both customers and sellers. There might be a game while people taking bid.
In order to do this survey, our goal is to know more about how people thinking about this
bidding program. Do most of the people understand what is auction is. Also, to see people
opinion about what would they like to change or want to add something more to this
1. Replicate your survey.
We started collecting responses on October, 22nd 2014 until October, 26th 2014. We
have collected 26 anonymous responses from students
2. Describe the population of interest
The population of interest is MUIDS students
3. Describe your sampling procedure and your attempt to make it representative of
the population
We have created the survey based on what we want to know about and some ideas that
we could develop our program. This survey also provides some possible answers and
suggestion box for the students
4. Explain how, when and where you administered the survey
We have published a survey on google docs from October, 22nd 2014 and shared the
survey links through social media and Line program.



Interpretation The result of our application are mostly responding feedback from MUIDS
eleven graders. 96% of student are knowing about what is the auction and 4% of student still
not sure. If we want to add some interesting part to our bidding application such as game,
would people be able to play. 46% of student are choosing on the third choice, which is
Sometime, depends on the situation. 38% of student are saying yes and 15% are saying no.
Moreover, if we trying to create this program for the school, 58% of people is absolutely may
use this auction program, 31% will use this application, and 12% will not use this application.
Therefore, our auction application may need to fix and develop some part of the program by
making it more interesting.

Pitfalls and Extensions One of the difficulties is we got less amount of responses because
we have not much time to spread our survey. The other is it is difficult to create questions that
lead to the point we have planned. If we have more time and resources, we will have more
ability to spread the survey. And we will also do the paper based survey to get more responses
and several of different ideas. And if we have ability to repeat our survey again, we might
look at suggestions from the first survey and prove that in our next survey.