Monday, March 22
- 5:30 pm
Ask M|tt komney to he|p stop the Mormon Church's
nasty campa|gn aga|nst gay marr|age!

As a naLlonal pollLlcal leader and lnfluenLlal member of Lhe Mormon Church, MlLL
8omnev could persuade Church leaders Lo end Lhelr 13 vears of acLlve lnvolvemenL, and
masslve flnanclal supporL Lo oppose equal rlahLs for Cav and Lesblan Amerlcans.

1he Mormon Church and lLs members have spenL Lens of mllllons of dollars ln 31 sLaLes
Lo ban aav marrlaae and hurL so manv people.

Mormon Church Leaders shou|d take a vow of po||t|ca| neutra||ty on gay r|ghts, s|m||ar
to the|r stated pract|ce |n part|san e|ect|ons.

WnA1: uemonsLraLlon aL MlLL 8omnev's 8ook Slanlna
WnLN: Mondav, March 22
aL 3:30 pm
WnLkL: Deseret 8ookstore (Mormon Church Cwned)
La !olla vlllaae Sq. Shopplna CenLer
8637 vllla La !olla ur., La !olla, CA 92037
(LxlL 28 off l-3 souLh -- LxlL 28A off l-3 norLh)

8r|ng 5|gns!!!

Ca||forn|ans Aga|nst nate

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