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Independent E-Waste Recycling Flow

Independent E-Waste Recycling Flow

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Published by: Matthew on Mar 20, 2010
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Independent E-Waste Recycling Flow Matthew Hamilton, Eveready ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Independent E-Waste Recycling Flow
Teams running case: Bast/Rucker Harm 1: Wasted Materials A) Since e-waste is exported to other countries, we lose the materials within the waste that could be salvaged and reused Harm 2: E-Waste Shipped Overseas A) People exposed to lead and mercury within e-waste Mandate 1: Require Domestic Recycling of E-waste Mandate 2: Tighten Regulations on E-Waste Exports Advantage 1: Materials Saved and Reused Advantage 2: Protects Health Overseas Advantage 3: Environmental Friendly Products A) Since companies know that their electronics are going to be kept within the U.S., there will be an increase of environmentally friendly products on the market Cross-Examination: -In what concentration do these heavy metals within e-waste need to be in order to pose serious health effects? -Are you preventing all U.S. e-waste from being shipped to other countries? -Does the U.S. export all of it's e-waste? -Do poor people in other countries salvage through electronic waste to find these precious materials you speak of in order to feed themselves? -Where does the U.S. ship most of it's e-waste, and why? -Why doesn't the EPA enforcement the regulations in the status quo? -Are the current methods of recycling e-waste cost-effective? Arguments: -Topicality: Recycling Policy -Inherency: Exaggerated Lead Amount – The EPA's study showing how much lead was contained in certain electronic waste was proven false. The amounts are actually significantly lower. -Solvency: Expensive to Recycle – Recycling e-waste is extremely expensive and time consuming, seeing that every electronic has to be looked at by an individual that knows the right places to look, and then has to try and refurbish the electronic. -Solvency: No Cost-Effective Method – We currently have no cost-effective way to recycle e-waste. This raises two questions, (1) How long will it take until we do, and (2) How much money will it cost for research and development? -Solvency: U.S. E-Waste Only a Small Portion – All of the other countries that we send our e-waste to generate almost all of their own e-waste. Taking away U.S. exports isn't going to have any effect. If the poor of the country aren't looking through U.S. e-waste, they're looking through their own countries e-waste. -Solvency: EPA Enforcement – The EPA currently doesn't enforce e-waste regulations, and they have stated they do not want to.

Independent E-Waste Recycling Flow Matthew Hamilton, Eveready ___________________________________________________________________________________________

DA: Foreign Relations Hurt – By taking away the poor's only way of earning enough money to feed themselves, we significantly hurt those people, and thus, foreign relations are severely hurt at the same time.

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