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Introduction to Quadratic


Video of 99 Baloons

Have you ever asked yourself why

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How do angry bird expert players
hit their targets?
Do you know the secret key in
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What is the maximum height
reached by an object thrown
vertically upward given a
particular condition?

Activity 1.
Describe me in many ways!
Directions: Perform this
a. Observe the pattern and draw the 4th and 5th

b. Use the table to illustrate the

relation of the figure number to
the number of blocks

c. Write the pattern observed from the

table. _______________
d. List the following:
Set of ordered pairs_______________
Domain _______________ Range
e. What equation describes the pattern?
f. Graph the relation using the Cartesian
g. What are the independent and
dependent variables?
h. What methods are used to describe
the relation? _______________

Before giving Activity 2 to your students, give

some exercises on functional
For example:
1. A =


Area of a circle A(r) is a function of the radius.

2. A(s) = s2
Area of a square A(s) is a function of its side.

Activity 2 Parking Lot Problem

Directions: Solve the problem by following the
procedure below.
Mr Santos wants to enclose the rectangular
parking lot beside his house by putting a wire
fence on the three sides as shown in the figure. If
the total length of the wire is 80 m, find the
dimension of the parking lot that will enclose a
maximum area.

a. In the figure above, if we let w be the width and l be the length, what is
the expression for the sum of the measures of the three sides of the
parking lot?

b. What is the length of the rectangle in terms of the width?

c. Express the area (A) of the parking lot in terms of the width.

d. Fill up the table by having some possible values of w and the

corresponding areas.

Width (w)

Area (A)

e. What have you observed about the area (A) in relation to the width

f. What is the dependent variable? independent variable?

g. Compare the equation of a linear function with the equation you


h. From the table of values, plot the points and connect them using a
smooth curve.

i. What do you observe about the graph?

j. Does the graph represent a linear function?

Parts of a Parabola

Finding the Vertex

Example 1
Express y = 3x2 4x + 1 in the
form y = a(x - h)2 + k form and
give the values of h and k.

Example 2
Rewrite f (x) = ax2 +bx + c in the
form f(x) = a(x - h)2 + k.

Example 3
Rewrite f (x) = x2 4x 10 in the
form f(x) = a(x - h)2 + k.
In two solutions

Standard Form of a Quadratic


y = ax2 + bx + c

Vertex Form of a Quadratic


y = a(x-h)2 + k

1. Find the vertex

y = x2 2x 6
(1, -7)

2. Find the vertex

y = 2x 4x + 1

(1, -1)

3. Rewrite the equation

y=3(x-2)2 + 4 into General
y = 3x2 12x + 16

f(x) = - 2( 3x - 1 ) +

in the standard form

f(x) = ax + bx + c.
f(x) = - 18x + 17x - 2

Rewrite y = 2( x- 1)2 + 3 in the

form y = ax2 + bx + c

y = 2x 4x + 5

y = x2 1, quadratic

y= x2/2 + x/2 , quadratic

y = 2x -1,
not quadratic

Transform into
Standard Form
y = 3 (x )x + 1
y = 3x2 3x/2 + 1

Identifying Table of Functions

Consider the given functions

f(x) = 2x + 1 and g(x) = x2 + 2x