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Misuse of SC/ST atrocity act

started by Devdasu 8 mnths ago

You guys have seen in news papers and TVs the indecent behavior of Nagar Kurnool(A.P) MP
mandha jaganath on a bank manager. this horrible MP had dragged the bank manager by holding
his shirt collar and few news papers also say that he had also beaten him. He did all this just
because he didnot get a satisfactory response from him when MP called the manager to enquire
regarding loans. Is it the way people's representative should behave. MP also threatended the
bank manager(bank manager happen to be a Reddy, forward caste) saying that he will file a
SC/ST atrocity case against him. Just because an sc/st MP didnot get a satisfactory response
from a government employee, he just cant beat him up and misuse the SC/ST atrocity case.

This is just one example. There are lots of SC/ST atrocity cases which are falsely filed all over
India. SC/STs are same as the other castes or religions. I think its high time this SC/ST atrocity
section should be modified or should be pulled down. if an SC/ST person has some grudge
against any other person, he can file a SC/ST atrocity case and within no time the other person
will be behind bars and its also non bailable. Do you guys think it is fair??