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Sending Church orate October 2015 Dear Praying Friends and Family, Life can change in the blink of an eye, and in these last four months we have seen changes that will change ‘our future. At the beginning of July, we learned that the national pastor we came to Brazil to work with was going to be leaving the church and stepping out of vocational ministry, atleast fora time. We spent three months helping the church through this transition. Brandon preached series on “A Healthy Church” and taught a series on “Our Relationship with God! to the young adult Sunday School class. Although these months have been challenging and emotionally draining, we have leamed many lessons and grown much closer to the people of the church, especially the young adults. It was encouraging seeing some of them taking the things they have been learning and applying them —seeing James 1:25 in action! So itis with alot of sadness and saudade (longing, akin to homesickness) that we stepped out of that ministy atthe begin ning of October to concentrate on language school and work under a veteran missionary, We covet your prayers as we are sil trying to get our bearings and seeking where God would have us serve after language school ‘As we continue our schooling, some of our activities with folks from the church will also continue, Brandon is doing a study on preaching with the seminary student who is now doing a good bit of the preaching at Moraes. Emily is stil giving piano lessons to two of the girs from the church, We are thankful for these on. {going ministries and the doors that they are keeping open with the folks at Moraes. (ur Portuguese professor has truly been a blessing from God. She is a faithful member of a Baptist church nearby and has been an invaluable resource not only for Portuguese but also in better understanding Brazil ian culture from a Christian worldview, As someone who studies and knows God's Word, she has been able to answer our many “why?” questions from the perspective of Scripture. ‘This week we have the opportunity of hosting a Brazilian pastor from Brasilia - the nation's capital -n our home. He was a missionary in the Amazon for 18 years, and is now pastoring the church he grew up in, the church that had commissioned him as a missionary. Though its not is first time in So Paulo, he had never seen downtown before, So on Wednesday we took him out to see the sights of the city. It was kind of funny, ‘two new Americans taking a Brazilian around sight-seeing! Anyway, a number of aspects of our city left an impression on him. He kept on talking about just how many people there are here in So Paulo. And when you al visit us, you wil kewise be impressed. Ifyou keep us with international news, you may know that Brazil in the midst ofa criss. The economy has plummeted (due in part to a huge corruption scandal, invalving the highest positions of government) and unemployment has skyrocketed ~ and with it violence. Itis a dificult time for the people of Brazil. Pray for the churches here, that the people will not grow discouraged, and for the unsaved, that God would use the difficult circumstances and the example of faithful believers to draw them to the truth of His Word. Praise the Lord for: ~ Youth with a desire to learn God's Word ~ Awonderful Portuguese professor Pray for: ~ The church of Moraes Prado as they seek a new pastor Clear direction for our future ministry here in Brazil ~ Continued language acquisition In Christ, Pat Sn) eam