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From: “California Dreamin" California Dreamin' by JOHN PHILLIPS and MICHELLE PHILLIPS Arranged by ROGER EMERSON Published Under License From Universal Musie Publis hing Group [© 1965, 1966 Universal - MCA Msc Pubshng Divison of Universal Srdios, ie Copyrigits Renewed Reserved Available at search for: MNO137793 NOTICE: Purchasers ofthis musical file are entitled to use it for their personal enjoyment and musical flilment. However, ay duplication, adaptation, arrangiye and/or transmission ofthis copyrighted music requires the waiten ents ofthe Consett opt omer) and of o. Cantiriad us an Serpe he Unt Stes and ooo ACSA SO aera standin! pss Recorded by THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS California Dreamin’ For 3-Part Mixed and Piano Performance Time: Approx.. 2:30 Arranged by Words and Music by JOHN PHILLIPS ROGER EMERSON and MICHELLE PHILLIPS ‘Medium Rock beat = 116 Ne Part mf Al the ——_deavgsiare brown, we All the leaves aré bros and the sky is grey. Part HT mf. AM the eaves are Em D © D Copyright © 1965 UNIVERSAL MUSIC CORP. CCopyran Renewee ‘Ths arangerent Copyngh © 2006 UNIVERSAL MUSIC. CORP. ORs Réssnes Used oy Permission Available at