Name: Topic 9



The Early Church

Clues 1. The secular and non-secular head of a monastery. 2. A cross-shaped church often found within monasteries. 3. This 6th C. monk established one of the earliest monastic orders. He was an Abbot and wrote a popular set of rules to organize monasteries. 4. A conceptual understanding of the Christian community resembling the territorial nature and ruling of a kingdom. 5. An area within a monastery where monks can contemplate, pray, and tend gardens. 6. The split (1054) between the Roman Catholic Church of the West (Rome) and the Eastern Orthodox Church of the East (Constantinople). (Two Words) 7. This early Church father (6th C.) was both political and religious leader. Contributed significantly to the concept of Christendom. (Two words) 8. Structures that were centers of religious communities during the Early Middle Ages. They were homes for monks and contributed to 'fixing' moving populations. 9. That which is of, or associated with, the office of the Pope. 10. Justification for the supremacy of the Bishop of Rome over all other Christian clergymen. (two words) 11. The Bishop of Rome has this official title in the Roman Catholic Church 12. An object of, used by, owned by, or is part of a religiously significant figure of the past. 13. Area of a monastery where religiously significant objects are safeguarded or displayed. 14. The sector of society and personal lifestyle that is removed from religion. 15. Area of a monastery where church objects made of precious metals are safeguarded.

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