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ChamSys MagicQ Full Manual

ChamSys MagicQ Full Manual

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Published by: ChamSys on Mar 20, 2010
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It is also possible to set the Setup Option “Keypad always select head”. In this mode entering numbers on
the keypad always selects heads – however, to perform other operations, like editing fields in the spread
sheet views, you need to press the SET button first.

An alternative to using @@ is to use @ ENTER. This is only supported if the Select heads on intensity
set" option is set. This method works by detecting @ in the keyboard input and instead of passing the input to
the active Window it attempts to parse the input as setting intensities for / selecting heads.

When selecting Colour, Beam or Positions the @@ can be replaced by COL, BEAM or POSITION if you set
the Select Heads and Palettes from keypad option. For example:

1 > 4 COL 5 ENTER

Selects heads 1 to 4 and applies Colour Palette 5.

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