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Choose the word in which the underlined part is not pronounced the same as those in
the other words of the group (0.5)
1. a. spells
b. laughs
c. rides
d. lives
2. a. book
b. room
c. school
d. stool
II. Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to fill in each blank (2.0)
1 do you spell your name ?
a. What
b. How
c. Where
d. Who
2 What are these? They are_____ armchairs.
a. X
b. an
c. a
d. the
3. This is Nams sister. _______name is Ha.
a. He
b. She
c. Her
d. His
4.My father and my mother ..doctors .
a. am
b. is
c. are
d. do
5. How many ..are there in the living room ?
a. book
b. stereoes
c. books
d. stereo
6. What ..those? They are .
a. are - pen
b. are - pens
c. is - pens
d. is - pen
7. They are_________.
a. student
b. a students
c. studentes
d. students
8. I live .243 Tran Hung Dao street.
a. in
b. at
c. on
d. from
III. Put the verb in the blank into correct form.(2.0)
1. She (be ) ..a teacher
2. (be).you a student ?
3. Hoa and Nga (be not ).doctors .
4. Where you ? (live)
5. My sister and I (be) students.
6. There (be)a ruler, a book and a pen on the table.
7. His brothers friends (not be). Twenty
IV. Find out the mistake: (0.5)
1. This is my father. He is an teacher.
2. Where does she live ? She live on Quang Trung street.
V. Read the passage. Then decide which option (A, B, C, D ) best fits each space.(1,5m)
This is my (1).There are four (2).My father is forty-four years (3)
. He is (4) .engineer. My (5) thirty-eight. She is
a (6)My sister is nine years old. Im eleven .We are students.

1. A. house
B . class
C. home
D. family
2. A. students
B . people
C. person
D. peoples
3. A. old
B . name
C. fine
D. age
4. A. the
B . an
C. a
D. one
5. A. brother
B . teacher
C. mother
D. student
6. A . doctor
B. engineer
C. architect
D. nurses
VI. Read the passage ,then write True (T ) or False (F) for each of the sentences bellow .(1m )
Hi, Im Hanh. Im twelve years old. Im a student. My family lives on Le Loi street. My father
is a teacher. He is fifty years old. My mother is a doctor. She is fifty years old, too. My brother
is a dentist. He is twenty-five years old.
1. Hanhs family lives on Le Loi street.

2. Her father is a doctor, too.

3. Her mother fifteen years old.

4. Her brother doesnt go to school.


VII. Do as directed. (2.5m )

1. Where do you live? ( answer the question)
2. There are four people in my family.( make question)
3. We are in our bedrooms. (change into two other forms)
4. Write the time:
a. 6: 30: __________________________
b. 8: 45: __________________________
5. Write numbers:
a. Seven + five = ____________
b. Thirty ten = ____________