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Question bank

1. What is human resource planning? Explain steps in Humana Resource Planning & its
significance for organization.
2. What is HRD? What are the different HRD strategies used in the organization?
3. Describe in detail the performance appraisal system.
“Performance appraisal is not merely for appraisal but is for accomplishment &
improvement of performance”. Discuss.
Construct a plan for a post appraisal interview with an employee who has performed
4. Discuss the pros & cons of using different potential raters to appraise a person’s
5. Explain life & career development? Describe the role of Human resource staff in
designing & implementing career development programs.
6. What is HRD culture & how is it useful in developing HRD climate in the organization?
Describe in detail the elements of HRD climate in the organization.
7. What is Human Resource accounting? Outline the different methods of measuring the
value of Human Resource.
Briefly explain the merits & demerits of human resource accounting.
8. Define HRIS. Explain its Objective & function.
How will you design & develop a human resource information system in an industrial
9. What forces are causing growing members of organization to strive for improved
employee relation & QWL?
10. Discuss the various methods & techniques of forecasting the demand & supply of
Distinguish between the quantitative & qualitative approaches to forecasting the need
for human resource.
11.Define HRD briefly. Discuss its instrument.
12.Define Manpower Planning. What are the activities involved in manpower planning?
Explain the importance of macro level manpower planning in India.
13.Discuss the importance of HRP. Explain emerging trends in HRP.
14.What are HRD processes? Describe them in detail.
15.Briefly explain the concept of HRD matrix & outline the various subsystem of HRD.
16.Discuss 360 –Degree Feedback system & MBO?
Short Question
• Labor market analysis
• Wastage Analysis
• Human Resource valuation, accounting, audit
• Career planning & Career development
• Retention
• Succession planning
• Mgt development & mgt development planning
• Performance appraisal & potential appraisal
• Mapping & age group preference
• Competency mapping
• Redeployment
• Age & grade distribution mapping
• Demand forecasting
• Career planning v/s Manpower planning
• Wastage analysis
• Potential appraisal
• Succession planning
• Three c’s of HRD
• Employee retention
• Exist Strategy
• Work force flow mapping
• Halo effect
• HR audits
• Human resource forecast
• Trend analysis
• Attrition
• Down sizing
• Mentor
• Personnel Mgt
• Retention
• Appraisal
• Paired comparison
• Rating scale
• Checklist