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Creative Brief

Date: march 22, 2010 Client: Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Brand: Barrio Fiesta Restaurant Strategic Planner: Corciga, Mary Joie; Corro, Ellen; Lim, Jerome Branch: BC2A

Background: What is the challenge for the brand?
Explain in your own words what is the brand’s challenge based on your knowledge of the brand and the consumer, and your analysis of the market.

Barrio fiesta is well known for serving traditional Filipino foods. They prepare it in the traditional Filipino way of cooking. Started in 1958, barrio fiesta restaurant has been wellknown in serving Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Nilaga and other seafood specialties. their most famous Filipino meals is their Kare-Kare, and based on their manager they are serving their customers with respect, love and care which they leave on the hearts of their valued customers. They are also maintaining the tradition in their set-ups, menus and attitudes towards their customers. They want to stick to their vision and mission that to maintain the CULTURE of the Philippines alive that should not be buried by the modern world. Their greatest competitor is the CABALEN and KAMAYAN which are also serving Filipino delicacies. Like the barrio fiesta, the Cabalen and Kamayan are also offering the "Buffet Menu,” Which makes the two Filipino restaurants the greatest competitor of Barrio Fiesta. Barrio fiesta is also offering their food in an affordable price that can afford by their target market. They are offering more cheaply than the CABALEN and KAMAYAN. But they are more

expensive than the CABALEN and KAMAYAN. But we can say it's worth it. Because their food is great and the way they treat their customers is worth the cost.

Based on the challenge, what is the opportunity for your brand?
The opportunity is a strategic opportunity that has to be expressed via a strategic goal based on the challenge for the brand. Based on our interview with one of the staff of barrio fiesta, one of their targets is independent individuals who are craving for "LUTONGBAHAY" foods. But they are more focused on Filipino families’ class A & B, age 18-60 years of age who wants to eat with their families and spent some time with them.

The Strategic Path
I want to take my brand from Current perceived position

Their current position is that Barrio Fiesta is the only Filipino that serves all provincial specialties in the Philippines and they are also serving foods that can be only seen during fiestas in our native province in a traditional way.


To that future perceived position

In the future perceived position Barrio Fiesta will maintain their image as ethnic restaurant but also at the same time it is open for modernization.

Brand Personality
To be described in 3 to 5 words and one picture


Who are we talking to?
(GET) Describe the target audience but also add relevant insights about his state of mind/lifestyle based on your research. We are talking directly on Filipino FAMILIES class A & B aged 1860 yrs. of age. They are the families that wants to spend their family time together but don't want to spend too much for the food. They are also the customers that crave for their provinces "SPECIALTIES" like the Pancit malabon, bicol express of Bicol region and other traditional and festival dishes. Even though foreign restaurants are now more cliqued in some customers they still want to taste a "LUTONG-BAHAY, and LUTONGPROBINSYA" foods. They are the consumers that are too busy to cook at their homes of their favorite Filipino delicacies and don't want to spend too much time preparing dinner or lunch for their family. They are the consumers that are too busy to think or to prepare food that will suites the needs of their families. They are also the consumers that want to save time in preparing for their selves and to their families without thinking the time of preparation. They are the want to eat Filipino food well served and well-prepared by the one who cooks it. That while eating you can taste that the food is served with love, compassion and dedication to the one who will eat it. And barrio fiesta is serving it in your hands with their menu's and attitudes towards their consumers/customers.

What consumer/market insight can help you get there?
(WHO) The insight has to be relevant to the category of products/services being advertised: What is the unmet need or the desire? Since we are talking the Families/individuals who crave for "LUTONG-BAHAY and LUTONG-PROBINSYA foods”, then it is obvious that they are in the need

to feel that they are not that far from their native provinces and their families because of the food that served by the barrio fiesta. They also have the need to bond with their families without spending so much time thinking about the foods. They need also a place where can they feel relaxed after a busy/stressful day. they are also in a need of having a dinner with their families well- prepared and it is not prepared by a pressured hands of the one who will cook and of course to save time and money without thinking too much about the quality of food and it's cost. But and lastly they are in need of hospitality which nowadays only seen by people who are living in the provinces.

What is the brand’s promise to answer the insight?
(TO) How does the brand fulfill that unmet need or desire? Based on the staff we interviewed, the barrio fiesta promise that they will served their customers as if they are served in their own home. They will maintain the hospitality that every Filipino family or individuals wants to feel even the world is changing. They’ll still find a place that suites their needs in "LUTONG-BAHAY FOODS" which make them comfortable. They will also make a way that the Filipino culture and tradition will not be buried with our ancestors. They will still do their best to make the culture and tradition ALIVE by using our own yantok tables and chairs and still wearing our national costumes and of course serving with respect and love for their customers. And because their target market are the Filipino Families they are offering "Buffet" menu's that consists of Filipino Delicacies that fits their needs for Filipino foods. As you can see there are so many foreign restaurants everywhere but for us Filipinos "LUTONG-BAHAY" is still the best for us because it makes us comfortable because we know the food. It tells us something like you are at your own house. It gives us a feeling of contentment. And of course eating/sharing the food with your family is priceless. And this entire factor is offered by the Barrio Fiesta. They are serving their foods well prepared not in a hurried process.

Why should the consumer believe you?
(RW) Give us the most relevant reason(s) to believe that the brand will answer the unmet need. Barrio fiesta has been catering Filipino foods ever since 1958. They’ve been serving the best quality of Filipino foods for decades and they've been around for ages. And since Barrio fiesta has been around for a long time, they've been tested by time and they stood still through the years.

If you were to sum up your proposition in a selling line, what would it be?
(BY TELLING THEM) Imagine you’re the creative, look back at your brief and see if you could write a tagline for the ad. Is your proposition broad enough to work across different types of advertising? “No other fiesta like Barrio Fiesta”

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