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October 26, 2015

Land Transportation Office

East Avenue, Quezon City
Dear Sir/Madame:
I am a duly licensed driver with Non-Professional Drivers
License No. ______. My license has just expired last October 23,
I am writing to express my intention to process the
correction and change of erroneous data appearing on my
Drivers License and to correspondingly explain the discrepancy
in my date of birth appearing thereon.
In my drivers license, my date of birth was erroneously
entered as October 10, 1988, instead of ____________. The
discrepancy in my date of birth was brought about by mistake
committed by the person who processed my license application.
My failure to correct the same immediately was due to lack of
knowledge and familiarity on the proper procedure to be
observed in case of wrong data on drivers license. Hence, I only
renewed my license every time it expires. The discrepancy in my
date of birth in my drivers license and other documents and
transactions gave rise to conflicting records. That is why I now
intend to correct the erroneous data and inform this office of my
true and correct date of birth.
I hereby declare that my correct date of birth that should
appear on my drivers license is _____________, as reflected and
shown by my NSO-issued Certificate of Live Birth which is
attached hereto for your ready reference and review.
I hope that this letter would earn your prompt and
preferential attention and consideration for the correction of
erroneous data on my drivers license.
Thank you.
Respectfully yours,