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Running head: Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy

PPE 310: Health Literacy for Schools

Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy
Richard Williams
Course #79453
Dr. Miller

Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy

Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy
I am in favor of inclusive classrooms to an extent. My main focus for the classroom will
be education with respect. The purpose of this ideal is to teach respect while educating.
Adolescents are biologically programmed to be selfish. If I can focus that selfishness to selfrespect then I feel the learning environment will be successful. I want to start out with selfrespect and add respect for others. Then I would like to finish with respect for education as the
final step before beginning the teaching process. Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot has suggested that
respect "is not something that one can imitate, but something one must embody. It is only in
the individual acts of respect that the quality becomes actual". I believe all students learn. It is
just a matter of focusing that learning on the subject. The educators need to engage all students
or the missed ones will soon become the student with issues. Dr. Lavoie research shows that
those students just need help that they are not receiving. I have always felt the necessary to
provide all children with Individual Developmental Plans. This would allow teachers a better
understanding of each students needs. Fred Jones, Harry Wong, Madeline Hunter, and others
have showed me that careful planning programs, strong intentionality from day one, and positive
re-enforcement are integral to that process.
My five main rules are: Treat others with respect and kindness; Listen quietly while
others are speaking; Always follow directions the first time; work quietly and stay on task; take
care of our classroom and school. Since the school policies differ on technology matters I will
enforce the district procedures in my classroom.
The students will have a structured enforcement plan. It will start with a verbal warning.
They will then be given two written warning. They will then have class conduct points taken
away. The next steps will be accumulated behavior over the week. The student has the ability to
correct behavior before this point by not demonstrating the same actions by the end of the week.
The next step will be given detention. Then if the action continues throughout each quarter they
will be suspended from school. If the student continues to demonstrate positive actions then they
will accumulate conduct points that they can use to add to class grade points. They can use to,
upgrade test scores, replace assignments or receive special items with schools permission.

Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy

My classroom will have standing desk with backpack hooks underneath. This will allow
for quick pairing and group gathering if needed. The idea is to have a completely mobile class
environment with plenty of space for physical movement. The room will have wide lanes and
open spaces. The students and I will be able to move around quickly and freely as needed. I will
also be incorporating mobile white boards to allow for student groups to work together.
The back wall will have a huge display board that will be used to display student work.
Exemplary prior class work will be displayed, completed student posters and other visual work
will be posted from the current class after the unit with their permission. In addition to posting
work, the procedures will be taught, modeled, and posted to ensure maximum student success. I
will reinforce the procedures when necessary. The classroom rules will be posted beside a full
size mirror. The mirror will be used to provide inspiration with the saying This person deserves
self-respect above it. Every class will have multiple intelligences and learning styles that will
be engaged using different methods. All 504 and IEP plans will be followed. Visuals, writing,
reading, independent work, student driven learning and collaborative work will be included in as
many lesson as possible.
One of the things I will do for wellness is to teach the importance of personal
hygiene. Starting with the very first day of the school year, I will start posting the importance of
taking care of yourself. I believe personal hygiene is an intricate part of self-confidence and selfrespect. I would be able to incorporate this healthy standard throughout my history lesson plans.
The introduction of historical diseases that could be prevented by good hygiene. The history of
dentistry and surgery would also be an excellent example of the necessity for proper hygiene.
The understanding of the health issues during war and the adjustments that the military has taken
to mandate personal hygiene standards. The main topics covered will be the health benefits,
proper procedures, and social norms around the world.

Classroom Management Plan/Philosophy

This classroom management plan has been modified from an existing assignment first
turned in for TEL 311, taught by Professor Pirrone, 10/26/2015.