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ELECTRONICS COMBINED OVER & UNDER VOLTAGE RELAY COMBINED OVER & UNDER VOLTAGE RELA Type : JRV 014 FEATURES © Sofiware based design © Wide auxiliary supply © Low burden APPLICATION The relay provides under voltage protection of Motors, Generators, Capacitor Banks etc. JRV 014 PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION IRV 014 provides under & over voltage protection for power systems. Relay operating time is determined by set definite time. The relay measures the voltage from input PT and if the voltage is below the set thresh- old, under voltage stage operates and voltage is above the set threshold, over voltage stage operates and it extends a trip signal after the operating time, which is determined by set definite time. The relay output con- tacts are self reset type. TEST button facilitates testing of relay contacts for trip and alarm circuits TECHNICAL DATA RATINGS Voltage rating 110V /230V AC Auxiliary supply 20 to 60V DC SETTINGS Under voltage setting Over voltage setting Definite time OVER LOAD RATINGS Voltage input BURDEN Voltage input Auxiliary supply ACCURACY Operating value Operating time Instantaneous Time Drop-off to pickup ratio 75 to 150V DC 175 to 300V DC / 185-250V AC 30 to 95% in steps of 5% 105 to 170% in steps of 5% 0 to 25s in steps of 0.18, 2 times Rated continuous Less than 2VA at Rated Less than 3W (Non Operated) Less than SW (Operated) +5% + 5% or + 20ms Less than 40ms. 80% to 95% COMBINED OVER & UNDER VOLTAGE RELA CONTACT RATINGS Relay rating CONTACTS DURABILITY Unloaded contact Loaded contact INSULATION Type : JRV 014 ELECTRONICS] 180 9001 - 2000 10A at 24V DC/230V AC 1,000,000 Operations 100,000 Operations 1. 2KV RMS, 50 Hz for 1 minute / 2.5 KV for | sec . Between all terminals and cases 2. 1KV RM! MECHANI Weight Case size Installation Panel cutout L DESIGN STANDARD COMPLIANCE Accuracy test Insulation test TERMINAL DIAGRAM ORDERING INFORMATION Voltage rating Relay type Auxiliary supply , 50 Hz for | minute across open contacts Appx. 1500g 144mm sq, depth 117mm Flush mounting 138x138 mm. IEC 60255-3 IEC 60255-5 10V /230V AC IRV 014 20 to 60V DC 75 to 1S0V DC 175 to 300V DC / 185-250V AC