Teaching place, eye contact and body language are the most important points of teaching.

We discussed this week about them from different perspectives. If we plant our feet in one place during the whole lesson, if we don t look into each of our ss, and if we don t use any body language, then we are not a teacher but a person who is talking to themselves. We also talked about making ss use English and their learning. For instance, to keep them spaeking English, we collect lots of ideas from each other. Some of them are; T should behave as if s/he is deaf when ss speak in Turkish. T should ignore the mistakes to encourage them to speak English. T shouldn t make fun of them. To play enjoyable games, and To understand each other better, T should use body language with the sentences in English ( e.g. : when saying open the door, s/he shows this opening the door.) We played silent movie, also called charades, to examine body language It was really funny. I cannot . use my body language so often, but I learnt many expressions, at least I can use them any more. Classroom management is another important issue for this week. We can divide it into two as classroom itself and the teacher. Comfort, light, sight, sound, seating arrangements, equipment and blackboard use are physical elements. Voice, giving instructions, body language are about the teacher. These physical elements are related to classroom energy . If everything is OK, class is ready to the lesson. But if there is a problem among the ss, if T cannot reach all the ss, if there is noise coming from the outside, or if material cannot be seen by all the students, teaching and learning atmosphere are effected negatively. The same as the physical arrangement, if T speaks with the voice continuously up and down which irritates ss, again these effects learning negatively. And of course your face.. It should reflect optimism and brightness. And giving instructions, we should articulate clearly and check the instructions. And we also talked about the unexpected situations during the class. We discussedsome unplanned events. We get some solutions. One is that honesty is the best policy. Another and most valid solution is that one extra activity must be in our pocket, calle B PLAN :) I should pay attention to the body language. I hope I will be effective by using it. I hope Also whatever mistakes ss do, I never criticise and make fun of them. I love them. :)

Zeynep Türksoy

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