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Running head: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Internet Addiction

Brandon Vazquez-Gracida
October 22, 2015

Konnikova, M. (2014, November 26). Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing? Retrieved from
Maria Konnikova explained the findings that Dr. Potenza had on internet addiction. She
explained in detail how Dr. Potenza continued his research and was able to establish a
comparison between the symptoms from internet and gambling addiction. She also talked
about the interviews that Dr. Potenza did on people who suffered from internet addiction. I
found this article on internet addiction really helpful because it made me understand that
internet addiction can actually develop serious social problems and can exhibit harsh
Young, D. (n.d.). Parenting in the Digital Age: Strategies and Prevention. Retrieved October 17,
2015, from
Dr. Young is a psychologist who has focused her interest on a new type of addiction which
involves the excessive use of the internet. In the article she mentions about the programs that
she has established that focus on the recovery from internet dependency, and she also talks
about the ways that parents can avoid this sort of problem from developing on their children.
The information that I gathered from this article helped me understand the steps that people
can follow in order to cure their addiction, and that parents should get more involved in the
lives of their children in order to be able to stop a problem like this from expanding.
Walton, A. (2012, October 2). Internet Addiction: The New Mental Health Disorder? Retrieved
October 16, 2015, from
Alice Walton talks about the negative aspects of not adding internet addiction into the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-V). She explains the

reasons as to why internet addiction should be included in the DSM-V, and that if we do not
recognize this problem there will be harsh consequences in the future. This article was
useful to me because it gave me valid arguments as to why internet addiction should be
considered an official mental disorder and the problems that it will cause if we do not treat it
Carson-DeWitt, R. (n.d.). What Is Internet Addiction? Retrieved October 17, 2015, from
Rosalyn Carson explains in further detail about how common internet addiction has become
in current times. Carson also explains about the risk factors and complications that internet
addiction has brought on people, and also about internet addiction withdrawals that happen
because the brain does not receive the same amount of dopamine due to the lack of internet
usage by addicts. Carsons explanation helped me understand that this problem is expanding
rapidly through the years because we become more and more dependent on technology. Also
it strengthened my understanding of how people feel when they are addicted to the internet.
Wallace, P. (2014, January 7). Internet Addiction Disorder and Youth. Retrieved October 18,
2015, from
This article by Patricia Wallace talks about the dangers that internet addiction can cause on
people around you. She mentions about how parents have neglected their children due to the
fact that they were so dependent on the internet. Wallace also talks about how using the
internet compulsively can cause people to develop social problems. The information
mentioned in the article helped me understand that the internet can actually cause problems
to people around you. It also helped me understand how people who are dependent on the
internet develop anxiety and stress problems that impede them to have a social life.

Steiner-Adair, C. (2015, July 17). Internet addiction: The next mental illness? Retrieved October
18, 2015, from
In this article, Dr. Catherine Steiner gives her opinion as to why internet addiction should be
considered a mental illness. She talks about a recent study that showed that around sixteen
percent of eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds show signs of addiction symptoms developed
by the extreme use of internet. Dr. Steiner also gives her opinion on why parents should
keep track on how much time their kids spend using the internet. Her opinion helped me
understand the point of view of doctors about this problem, and the things parents can do in
order to stop the problem from spreading.
Goren, W. (n.d.). Internet Addiction, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Employment.
Retrieved October 17, 2015, from
William D. Goren talks about the limitations that internet addiction brings on people. Goren
says that suffering from internet addiction could actually be considered a disability. He also
says that employers from companies have concerns on this new problem because most
companies require the use of internet, and that because of this it can worsen the addiction on
people. This article helped me see that also employers consider internet addiction a problem,
and that this addiction can actually cause a person to be rejected from a job opportunity.
Neporent, L. (n.d.). Hospital First in US to Treat Internet Addiction. Retrieved October 18, 2015,
This article by ABC News gives information of a new program offered by a hospital in
Pennsylvania that deals with unorthodox addictions like internet addiction. It is mentioned

that the opening of this new program is of concern because it means that internet addiction is
becoming more common in current times. It is also mentioned that the program was made in
order to allow people to be able to use the internet in a safer way in which it does not
become an addiction. This information given by ABC News helped me understand how
problematic internet addiction is becoming, and that hospitals are taking action in
eradicating the problem.
Teen Battling Internet Addiction Cuts Off Own Hand. (2015, February 4). Retrieved October 19,
2015, from
This news report by USA Today talks about an extreme situation that an internet addict
experienced. It says that a teenager from China was so addicted to the internet that he had to
cut his own hand in order to be able to put a stop to his addiction. It also gives alarming
information about the epidemic that is going on in Asia in which approximately fourteen
percent of the youth are addicted to the internet. This news report made me realize about the
extreme measures that people can take in order to alleviate an addiction, and the problems
America can face if we do not put a stop to internet addiction.
Robinson, M. (2015, March 25). Korea's Internet Addiction Crisis is Getting Worse. Retrieved
October 19, 2015, from
Melia Robinson talks about the recurrent problem in Asia which is internet addiction. She
says that online video games contribute with the expansion of this problem due to the fact
that video games are becoming extremely popular around the world. In a study done to an
internet addict, it was revealed that the problem could not be dealt as a drug addiction

because with internet addiction the addict needs to minimize the usage of internet in order to
be able to function normally in society, and with a drug addiction the addict needs to stop
completely the usage of the substance. By gathering this information, I was able to
understand that there are many factors that worsen the problem of internet addiction. Also I
was able to understand the difference between the treatment of drug addiction and internet