1. Introduction to Marketing Research Definition, Nature and Scope of Marketing Research Trends in Marketing Research Marketing Research process: An Overview Marketing Information System and Marketing Research Steps involved in the Marketing Research process Ethical Issues in Marketing Research Applications of Marketing Research 2. Research Design Meaning of Research Design Formulating the Research Problem Statement of Research Objectives Types of Research Design: Exploratory, Descriptive and Experimental Research Designs 3. Sampling Sampling Process Probability Sampling Techniques: Simple Random, Stratified, Cluster, and Systematic Sampling Non-Probability Sampling Techniques: Convenience, Judgment, and Quota Sampling Sample Size Decision Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors 4. Data Collection Secondary Data: Types and sources of Secondary Data Primary Data Attitude Measurement and Scaling Questionnaire: Steps in Designing a Questionnaire, Types of Questionnaire, Methods of Communication and Limitations Observation: Methods and Limitations Choice of Data Collection Method 5. Data Analysis and Interpretation Data editing, Coding, Tabulation and Processing Data Analysis Approaches: Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses Data Analyses Techniques: Uni-variate and Bi-variate analyses, and Introduction to Multi-variate Techniques 6. Communicating Research Results Research Report Format The Oral Presentation Research Follow-Up References

1. Essentials of Marketing Research; Zikmund, W.G. and Babin, B.J.; 3/e; Thompson, Delhi. 2. Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation; Malhotra, N.K.; 5/e; Pearson, Delhi. 3. Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques; Bradley, N.; 2nd Impression; Oxford University Press; Delhi. 4. Marketing Research: Concepts, Practices, and Cases; Easwaran, S. and Singh, S.J.; Oxford University Press, Delhi. 5. Marketing Research; Beri, G.C.; 4/e; Tata McGraw-Hill, Delhi. 6. Marketing Research: Text and Cases; Nargundkar, R.; 3/e; Tata McGraw-Hill, Delhi. 7. Marketing Research; Luck, D.J. and Rubin, R.S.; 7/e; PHI; New Delhi.

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