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Michael de Adder - Bio

Michael de Adder (born May 25, 1967) is a Canadian editorial cartoonist who worked for the
Halifax Daily News until it closed its doors in February 2008.
Born in Moncton, he attended Mount Allison University and completed his Bachelor of Fine
Arts in 1991. He began his career working for The Coast, a Halifax-based alternative weekly,
drawing a popular comic strip called "Walterworld" which lampooned the then-current mayor of
Halifax, Walter Fitzgerald.[1]:xiii This led to freelance jobs at the Chronicle-Herald and The Hill
Times in Ottawa.
In 2000, he landed a full-time job at the Halifax Daily News and has won numerous awards for
editorial cartooning. He was nominated for a National Newspaper Award in 2002 and won the
American Association of Editorial Cartoonists' Golden Spike Award in 2006 for the best cartoon
killed by an editor.[1]:xvii
Today, his work also appears regularly in the National Post, Maclean's the Chronicle-Herald
and the Moncton Times & Transcript. His work is syndicated in North America through He continues to be a weekly contributor to the Hill Times as well as to Canadian
Metro dailies.
Michael de Adder is a past president of The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists and is
on the board of the Cartoonists Rights Network. Wikipedia.
Titles of Books By:Michael de Adder
- de PICTIONS - Award winning editorial cartoonist Michael de Adder presents his favourite cartoons from the
past six years.

- de BOOK De Book is Michael de Adders - first collection of cartoons. Spanning the period of 2000 to

Articles about Michael de Adder

1.Article :The Chronicle Herald Halifax.
By BILL SPURR Features Writer
Published September 27, 2013 - 5:32pm
Features writer Bill Spurr talks with cartoonist Michael de Adder about finding the funny side of
East Coast foibles

Drawing is a chore, but when you have a deadline set every day, you get that done.
When you have an abstract deadline, like June, its harder, because youve got a regular job,
youve met your deadline for the day and then you have to do another.
The best part of the job, de Adder says, is knowing he can affect people, and their thoughts.
Being offensive is a matter of degree.

2. Article: CBC. Radio Show

Political cartoonist says goodbye to 10 years of drawing Harper
Michael de Adder was never without ideas when he drew Prime Minister Stephen Harper
CBC News Posted: Oct 25, 2015 1:30 PM AT Last Updated: Oct 25, 2015 7:27 PM AT
Michael de Adder was never without ideas when he drew Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Political cartoonist Michael de Adder has been drawing Stephen Harper for 10 years and hasn't
been afraid to let his views shine through. But now, he's setting his sights on the new prime
"The younger, the better-looking the prime minister, the harder it is to draw him I think
politics will age Trudeau a lot more than if he had a normal job," said de Adder. "Politics puts
you through the wringer, that's for sure."
de Adder said drawing Harper was somewhat of an easy task, and that he never had a shortage of
"He was easy right from the get-go. He has square features from his hair to his face to his glasses
The artist even has a weekly Star Wars-themed cartoon, featuring a Darth Harper.
"The next cabinet shuffle will be the last Star Wars-themed cabinet shuffle ... but with that said, I
do have another theme coming up."
after the federal election de Adder recreated the now famous Jose Bautista bat flip, using
Harper's likeness as the bat and Justin Trudeau as the batter.

"It is politics, within a few months Trudeau will be a dream to draw just like Brian Gallant is
a dream to draw, just like the next guy around the corner. Politics is inherently mistake-driven
and I'll jump on every one of them."