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Reference Notes

The Standards For Senior's Amenity Areas have been 2. Quantitative Guidelines:
established in order to ensure that there is adequate
provision in senior's residential housing development For each seniors' residential development containing more
proposals for senior's outdoor amenity areas. This than either, 20 residents or 20 dwelling units, 2.0m2 (21
reference note is organized as a set of quantitative and sq.ft.) of common outdoor amenity space shall be
qualitative guidelines. provided at ground level for either, each resident or each
dwelling unit, but in no instance shall any seniors'
1. Definitions: residential development have less than 40m2 (430 sq.ft.) of
amenity area.
Seniors' residential development is defined as a Nursing
Home, Home for the Aged, Retirement House, Retirement 3. Qualitative Guidelines:
Dwelling Unit or Assisted Seniors' Residence as set out
in By-law Number 705-89; Close proximity and visual and physical access to interior
common room for easy access, safety and security is to be
For purposes of this reference note, a seniors' outdoor provided;
amenity area is defined as an outdoor seating or activity
area for socialization at ground level. It could include Where appropriate, amenity areas are to be provided
tables for games or provisions for other sports such as adjacent to a street (if not adjacent to major road) for
horse shoes or shuffleboard. viewing of street activities within reasonable noise levels
and natural surveillance of amenity area;

A balance of sun and shade and shelter from the wind in
the amenity area is to be provided;

Amenity areas are to be located away from loading or
service areas of the building;

Barrier-free walkway connection to the building entrance
is to be provided;

A variety of seating arrangements and activities in the
amenity area is to be provided;

Adequate site lighting is to be provided;

A usable configuration of required open space for the
amenity area is to be provided;

A defined pedestrian access to amenity area is to be
provided to promote safety from vehicular traffic.

For additional information please contact the City of Mississauga Planning and Building Department, Design Team, 11th
floor, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario 896 - 5522

k: .. \UD\SENIORS.REF - November 1994

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