FDSCI 101 Final Study Guide

Subjects of Questions 1. Elder Scott¶s talk y Methods of discovering truth (Revelation and scientific method) y Limitations of the scientific method y Discussion of scales of science Testing the validity of a scientific claim (Voodoo Science paper) y Reproducible and reliable data and observations y Rational model that explains the science y Things that were learned from the Cold Fusion incident


3. Immunizations and autism y Basis for the association y Evidence for the link? 4. ³Our Creator¶s Cosmos´ (Elder Neal Maxwell) y Scale and structure of the universe y LDS doctrine and astrophysics. Are they compatible? Contributions of major scientists y Aristotle y Newton y Galileo y Darwin y Mendel y Cuvier Periodic Table ± process of discovering elements y work of Mendeleyev y how the table is organized



7. Plate Tectonics y Basic principles ± movement and interaction of plates y How does it provide a foundation for geology? y Evidence for plate tectonics

8. Relative Dating (being able to determine oldest and youngest layers) y Principle of Superposition y Cross-cutting relationships 9. Absolute Dating y Techniques that are used and their limitations Radiometric dating ± how it works 10. Evolution y Natural selection y How a species is defined 11. Basic understanding of DNA y Role of mRNA y Genes y How proteins are formed (Genetic Code) 12. Elephant Evolution y Why an elephant? y What is the evidence? y What changes have taken place? 13. Brain and memory y Contributions of Greeks and Romans y Studies that have been conducted (application of scientific method) y Basic structure of a neuron y How memories are formed y How we learn 14. Life of Henry Eyring y Example of one who was able to blend science and religion 15. ³An Inconvenient Truth´ y Data that is presented y Arguments that are made