Anlmul Wlthln

Bruve llke the llon
Stundlng tull und proud
A rour to echo ucross the lund
And u personullty thutըs |ust us loud

But, stlll you ure scured
Scured to weur your own culture
Youըre nothlng more thun u buzzurd -
A common vulture

Sneuky und dlsgustlng
Llke some klnd of sewer rut
Runnlng rumpunt ln the drulnuge system;
Pluylng trlcks on the fumlly cut

Llke the |okester you ure
A wlld, cuckllng hyenu
Itըs ubout tlme you were tumed
You wonըt get unother subpoenu

Thls ls your lust chunce
Before youըre locked up ln u zoo
Phoenlx, go up ln flumes
Rlse from your ushes und begln unew

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