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Assessment Plan

Computer Science and Information Systems Department
Program/Course Assessment of the five College-Wide Learning Outcomes
2009-10 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013
Core Courses
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
CIS 1013 Lorna
CIS 1015 Lorna
CIS 1017 Lorna
CIS 1019 Lorna
CIS 1020 Computer Essentials Marilyn x x x x x x x x
CIS 1030 Obj Orient Prgm I Randy x x x x
CIS 1055 DB Dsgn & Processing Susumu x x
CIS 1070 Living in a Digital World Marilyn x x
CIS 1130 Obj Orient Prgm II Randy x x x x
CIS 1135 Obj Orient Anal / Dsgn Randy x x
CIS 1430 Internet / HTML Bruce x x x x
CIS 1520 Operating Systems Phil x x x x
CIS 1555 SQL Progamming Susumu x x
CIS 2010 Bus Comp Proficiency Lorna x x x x x x x x
CIS 2150 Computer Org Jimmy x x
CIS 2350 UNIX / Linux Bruce x x
CIS 2410 Advanced Spreadsheet Susumu x x
CIS 2420 Network Hardware Bruce x x
CIS 2430 Web Programming Bruce x x
CIS 2460 Network Mgmt. Bruce x x
CIS 2470 Advanced Javascript JSP Bruce x x
CIS 2550 Database Programming Jimmy x x
CIS 2600 Fund of DB Mgmt Susumu x x
CIS 2650 Oracle Database Dev. Susumu x x
CIS 2730 C++ Programming w/objects Phil x x
CIS 2760 Java I Phil x x
CIS 2770 Java II Phil x x
CIS 2800 Business Systems Design Gordon x
CIS 2810 E-Commerce System Design

Data on college-wide outcomes be collected and analyzed for each course in the semester noted as part of the
department's ongoing assessment plan.