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Edward Pertuz

Marilyn Fichman
Habits of Mind Reflection
As you know I have had to deal with a lot of setbacks this past school year. My
depression severely affected my mood and drive both at home and at school. As a disclaimer, I
just wanted to let you know the reason why a majority of these habits of mind are not positive.
This habits of mind essay is about complete honesty and I do not feel like it would be a
productive exercise to write a half hearted script. Thank you for your understanding.
One of the many Habits of Mind that I have struggled with this year is collaboration. The
BACS definition of collaboration is working successfully with others by listening empathically,
leading sensitively, contributing meaningfully, and learning from group members. Due to my
inactivity it was difficult for other people to depend on me. In a successful group everyone needs
to be able to depend on each other. For example in Spanish 3 I was kicked out of my group for
finishing the assigned project last minute. Something that I will try to focus on is finishing my
portion of the work on time.
In the past my Creativity was admirable. With my notorious video editing skills I was able
to get a lot joy when doing projects. The BACS definition of Creativity is daring to think flexibly,
being willing to reconsider ideas, solve problems by taking appropriate risks, and discover more
about oneself through the process. I feel based on my mental state this year Creativity is no
longer a strength. I used to be more creative when it came to projects and not just take the easy
way out and do a powerpoint like I usually used to do in my A.P Biology presentations.
The Habit of Mind that I will be talking about in this paragraph will be Gratitude. The
BACS definition of Gratitude is showing appreciation for others and for ones opportunities. I feel
that Gratitude is almost my best Habit of Mind because I am the type of person who is always
very thankful what is done for me and the people around me in and out of school. Despite the
adversities I have faced this year I am still able to say that Gratitude is my strength because I
know if it wasn't for people like Kyleen, my mom, Gil, Dr. B, Marilyn, Carolyn, Tony, Josh and
Suzette I would have not been able to get through the year.
One of my former weaknesses in school was Grit. The BACS definition of Grit is
persevering despite difficulties finishing what is started working independently with focus and
intensity. This Habit of Mind used to be one of my greater weaknesses. There was a part in this
year where I wanted to transfer to CF High because I felt alone at school and wanted to be with
my friends. Much like this year it was a constant battle that had to finish resulting in my stay.
The BACS definition of Humility is awareness that everyone has strengths and
weaknesses, humbly acknowledging success while bravely confronting ones weaknesses and
encouraging others who do the same. I feel as though my humility was put into play when I

accepted the help of the people around me in order to pull through. Specifically with Dr.B who I
did not exactly accept with open arms. But in order to become the person you want to be you
need to be able to do what is necessary, that includes asking for help when you know that you
need it. Being vulnerable was not easy for me and I feel that it has put me on the road to
becoming a better individual.
One of the Habits of Mind that I learned the most this year was Integrity. The BACS
definition of Integrity is telling the truth to (or being honest with) oneself and others through
ones words and actions, even when it's difficult. I am really unsure where this Habit of Mind
lands with me because it fluctuates based on the situation. In the beginning of quarter one I was
in denial about mental state. But after much deep thought I was honest with myself and realized
that I truly was depressed and needed to change.
The Habit of Mind that I will be talking about this paragraph will be Optimism. The BACS
definition of Optimism is believing that ones life, community, and world can get better with effort.
This is one of my new weaknesses because I have really become a gloomy person. It showed
the most in advisory where I used to be the loudest I was sometimes the quietest I used to be
generally and genuinely happy most of the time and know if there is a problem in life, school or
the world there will eventually be a solution. But now I feel like all of these problems are just
suffocating. I feel with the improvement of my mental state my optimism will improve as well.
My greatest weakness in school is Organization. The BACS definition of Organization is
giving structure to ones thinking, ones work, and ones life. I am absolutely terrible with this
Habit of Mind and this has actually become a bigger problem in my life. Organization is not only
affecting my grades but my life outside. I was almost prevented from walking the stage due to
the inability to keep up with the deadlines of my paper. Deadlines I have trouble keeping up with
but I recognize I must change. This will be my main priority to fix because it is really a big issue
that is eating me up inside. In college I know how important it is to be organized those who are
not organized tend to fail. I will get an agenda may it be physical or virtual but will get one and
stick to it to help me with my deadlines.
The BACS definition Upstanderness is demonstrating active compassion, even when
afraid or in front of a crowd (or especially in front of a crowd) righting a wrong helping those
who are situationally disempowered. This is another of my weaknesses because not because I
don't like to stand up for people but it is that it is so rare to see a situation like that in BACS I am
usually just a bystander. An example of this is people cutting someone in the lunch line I do not
stand up for that person. I tend to just try to take care of my own and get my own lunch. That is
a bad way to deal with the problem because it provides no help nor solution.
In school on of my old greatest qualities is Zest. The BACS definition of Zest is
participating enthusiastically and passionately invigorating others. I feel this used to be the
biggest strength I had because I know whenever I did something I always put my best foot
forward. But this past year for one reason or another I stopped caring and didnt feel happy like I
once was I was too busy dealing with my own things to show zest.