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Dear parents, my name’s Chase Lipke and I will be your child’s teacher for

this next school year. I am a young white male with a bachelor’s degree in
education, and four years of working with diverse groups of children. I strive for kids
to collaborate with each other and solve problems together using team work. I
connect well with my students and I was also a hockey coach for a wide variety of
children so I have experience building relationships with children. I plan to help your
children become better writers, develop good social skills with others, and solve
math problems on their own. There will be rules that all homework must be turned
in on the date I assign, pencils, markers, folders, and rulers are to be brought to
class by the student, and lastly keep your hands to yourself. As we reach our goals
we will have days where we throw a small party for all the children’s hard work. This
will boost their confidence and motivate them to do better in class. Lastly, I can help
them learn new writing and technology skills they may not have had a chance to
learn in first grade. If any student needs extra help or a tutor I will provide help to
them and ensure they receive proper instructions. If any parents have concerns or
regards for the new school year please contact me at (865)-355-4555.
Chase Lipke