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Published by: armornick on May 04, 2008
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All magicians have a talent bonus which has a
different name for each Realm of magic and is used
to calculate their Mystic Strength as well as various
aspects of their magical powers.

Depending on the character’s Realm of magic, this
talent bonus may also have other applications.

In all cases, a magician’s talent bonus is equal to
the sum of his two primary attribute modifiers.

Lyrists have an Orphic Voice bonus that reflects
the melodious and magical quality of their vocal
cords as well as their affinity with Poetic Magic.

A Lyrist’s Orphic Voice bonus is equal to the sum of
the character’s Grace mod and Luck mod.

Nymphs have an Odylic Charm bonus that reflects
their magical attunement to the forces of Nature.

A Nymph’s Odylic Charm bonus is equal to the sum
of her Grace mod and Luck mod.

Priests have a Spiritual Aura bonus which reflects
their mystic connection and attunement to the divine
world and its prodigies.

A Priest’s Spiritual Aura bonus is equal to the sum
of his Luck and Will mods.

Sorcerers have a Psychic Gift bonus which
reflects their innate affinity with the hidden powers
of the human mind.

A Sorcerer’s Psychic Gift bonus is equal to the sum
of his Wits mod and Will mod.

Elementalists have an Elemental Mastery bonus
which represents their command over primal forces.

An Elementalist’s Elemental Mastery bonus is equal
to the sum of his Wits mod and Will mod.


- Behold the eldritch might of my arcane powers !

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