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Section 1 – Introduction

1.1 Research rationale
(Back up statistical data why it is important to investigate your chosen
research topic)
This research paper is based on the motivations of people visiting Dubai Mall which was
researched using primary data through questionnaires and surveys and by secondary
data through journal articles and websites. Research was done as one knows that
shopping malls play an important role in the life of individuals living in metro urban
areas. These days, individuals accept that the shopping centers are best place to shop
or hang out. Also, it is not just a spot to shop, but additionally a spot for social and
recreational activities and events. The shopping center is an agglomeration of different
retailers and business administration suppliers inside a very much arranged and
designed building (ICSC, 2002; Urban Land Institution, 1999). Therefore, Dubai being a
city known for its shopping and Dubai Mall being the largest mall, the research was
conducted on Dubai Mall to get better responses and opinion about tourists motivations
on visiting the mall and as Lotz, Eastlick and Shim (2000), state that the results of the
shopping center demonstrate that there are differing motivational highlights for shoppers
who visit a mall for engrossing activities versus the people who visit for shopping
purposes. article a , )
Motivation is the explanation behind a behavior (Solomon, 2009). An individual may go
to appreciate excitement, tour, visit with loved ones, enjoy recreation time, business
activities and meeting, attend festivals, take a study visit, partake in fitness or
educational exercises, experience different societies and cultures, or conduct scientific
research (Blank,1996; Crick-Furman and Prentice, 2000; Goeldner et al., 2000; Law,
1996; Swanson and Horridge, 2006; Walker, 2009).

1.2 Research aim and objectives
(List the purpose of the research with two to three specific and measurable
research questions/ objectives)

Samples: Gathered from 27 respondents utilizing questionnaire and 46 surveys.The research aim and objective of our report are: Aim: . .The aim of our research fundamentally concentrates on tourist motivations on visiting Dubai Mall being the world’s largest. good ambiance. Objective:     To examine motivations of people visiting the mall To understand the perception of tourist of the Dubai mall and what attracts them towards it To analyze the psychological factors of tourist about Dubai Mall. Data sources: A. and examination articles in different national. enjoyment. and allure. B. on the basis of that introduce marketing solutions through Marketing Research by Questionnaires and Surveys. Primary Data: The study has utilized essential information. It comprises of experiential shopping inspirations. worldwide diaries. which was gathered utilizing structured questionnaire and an online overview and perceptions were additionally directed. To relate our findings to appropriate Journal Articles o Section 2: Research method (maximum 1000 words) 2. ideal shopping. convenience. Lastly. Secondary Data: The Secondary information was gathered from different Journals.1 Data collection method & justification METHODOLOGY USED The accompanying philosophy is utilized as a part of the study    Study Area: The study zone alludes to Dubai Mall in Dubai. ease and luxury. Websites.

On the other hand. The standard methodology has been through the utilization of paper based questionnaires. Considering nature in which information gathering was performed and the conceivable legitimate ramifications. In the lion's share of studies. The utilization of questionnaires as a system for information accumulation in examination is entrenched. non-recognizable proof of the subjects was viewed as the minimum obtrusive structure. secrecy and educated assent. which was directing in the later week of the pilot study. the whole methodology of consent was safeguarded. Moreover. observation instrument also was utilized for further investigation. What is less clear in the literature is the thought of the procedure of delivering questionnaires to substantial groups. the expanded utilization of computers and web implies there is a more up to date elective: the conveyance of surveys utilizing the web. Giuffre 1997. Amid the last study. Tools utilized for accumulation of information: Essential information was gathered through a very much confined questionnaire as an examination device for the study. and shopping center environment and quality assessment. Association in the gathering of information has a moral obligation to regard every individual member's independence. The review was directed in a moral way and one that concurs with best research hone by applying two vital moral issues which need to be followed while directing an overview. and their agreement in partaking in the study. with the advantages and downsides of utilizing such a strategy (Oppenheim 1992. All members gave composed informed consent. for example. which are then conveyed to the target populace. a final study was directed with just the colleagues. Later. On the other hand. the respondent's entitlement to secrecy was constantly regarded and prerequisites on information insurance. interviews and observations. with the slightest impact on intentionality. A pilot study was directed by acquiring reactions from 9 shopping center visitor amid a gathering visit to Dubai Mall. The instruments utilized for investigation are demographic variables. McKenna et al 2006). . shopping inspiration. McDowell and Newell 1996. and the specialists had the obligation of illuminating about the systems. Utilizing a questionnaire to assemble research information is frequently alluring as they are seemingly more exact and centered than other techniques. the respondents were completely educated about the points of the review. However. 18 responses were gathered and couple of changes were made on the premise of the pilot concentrate on as we straightforwardly took the review in our iPad's and made our respondents fill it the same minute.

The system by which the example is chosen from an examining edge is basic to the outside legitimacy of a review. Laranjeira R. The information that are created are liable to need points of interest or profundity on the theme being researched. Fernandes C. the point of the study. o Just English-talking vacationers were incorporated in the study The idea of test is characteristic for survey research. Generally. and the measurable quality . especially when it is done by post. Securing a high reaction rate to an overview can be difficult to control. Protas J. Studies can deliver a lot of information in a brief while for a genuinely minimal effort. and can thusly be generalizable to a populace. it is unfeasible and uneconomical to gather information from each and every individual in a given populace. the target test size for an overview relies on upon three fundamental variables: the assets accessible. but at the same time is troublesome when the study is completed up close and personal or via phone. Advantages and drawbacks of conducting surveys and questionnaires. Goldim J.advantages and rights included in the study (Fernandes M. 2006). Basically. o The study expect data given by the buyers as substantial and dependable. The expansiveness of scope of numerous individuals or occasions implies that it is more probable than some different ways to deal with to get the information. Restrictions of the studyThe accompanying are the constraints of the study: o The study considers just certain elements impacting the customer observation and conduct towards shopping center. Advantages include:   The examination produces information taking into account true perceptions (experimental information). Hindrances include:    The importance of the information can get to be ignored if the researcher concentrates excessively on the scope to the avoidance of a sufficient record of the ramifications of those information for significant issues or hypotheses. a specimen of the populace must be chosen (Caetano R. 2010).

likewise gives us a better idea and data to achieve our purpose of the study. Some of these methods are based on the structure and dynamic of networks. D. such as the classic snowball sampling (Goodman L. 1961). Methodology also permitted us to distinguish whether respondents comprehend the inquiries and directions. and whether the importance of inquiries is the . where the researcher first identifies the stratums and their proportions as they are represented in the population. For "subjective" reviews utilizing center gatherings or meetings.required for the review. Snowball examining depends on referrals from beginning subjects to produce extra subjects. it takes a swing at to the detriment of presenting predisposition in light of the fact that the method itself diminishes the probability that the example will speak to a decent cross area from the populace. A stratum is a subset of the populace that impart no less than one normal trademark. the specimen size required will be littler than if quantitative information is gathered via survey Different sampling methods had been used for the sake of better results. which is stratified sampling as it is a commonly used probability sampling because it reduces sampling error. it takes on to the detriment of presenting inclination on the grounds that the system itself diminishes the probability that the specimen will speak to a decent cross area from the populace furthermore (Heckathorn. we learnt that the principle goal of a pilot study is to figure out if piloting a large scale survey is justified regardless of the effort. 1997). In addition. the poll is managed to a rate of the aggregate specimen populace. In this period of directing a sample. The fundamental confinement of such strategies alludes to the trouble to get populace based appraisals. While this procedure can significantly lower pursuit costs. Like stratified sampling. because of a mixed bag of inclinations and bottlenecks 2. Snowball testing is an exceptional nonprobability technique utilized when the wanted example trademark is uncommon. Quota sampling was also used as it is the nonprobability equivalent of stratified sampling.2 Group reflection on piloting (What did you learn from piloting? What is revised after piloting? And why?) A pilot survey is a system used to test the survey utilizing a smaller example contrasted with the arranged sample size. or in more casual cases just to a suitable sample. We conducted the pilot survey in Dubai Mall focusing on our target audience which were the Tourist mainly. Pilot study. With everything taken into account. Furthermore. Stratified testing was utilized as it is a generally utilized likelihood strategy that is better than irregular inspecting on the grounds that it lessens examining slip. While this strategy can significantly lower pursuit costs.

they were not willing to fill it out for us. we conducted our main survey online without the use of papers so that the tourist could then and there fill and give us. considering all this in our mind through our pilot study. and many said they would do it later.same for all respondents and allowed us to determine whether any inquiries are methodically missed by respondents. Also.1 Key findings 3.2 Marketing implication 3. when they saw us approaching to them with the questionnaires in our hand.1 KEY FINDINGS GRAPH 1 What was the reason for your visit to Dubai Mall? . The main problem was that there was language barriers and many tourist whom we approached said they didn’t know English properly. o Section 3: Findings and implication (maximum 1000 words) 3. Therefore. We faced quite a few challenges while conducting this study.

22 which indicates that the data points are spread out over a wider range of values. 2015). Some of the other comments which people mentioned were that it’s a great place to spend free time with family and friends which offers a good place to walk around and eat moreover. The second most popular aspect which made people attract to the mall was its variety of international and national brands which are available at ease to the multicultural society in Dubai accounting to 40%. 2015). A measure of the dispersion of a frequency distribution that is the square root of the arithmetic mean of the squares of the deviation of each of the class frequencies from the arithmetic mean of the frequency distribution. To conclude the standard deviation for the given graph 1. the results which was resulted to 48%.22. . The mean of the given graph is A standard deviation close to 0 indicates that the data points tend to be very close to the mean (also called the expected value) of the set. while a high standard deviation indicates that the data points are spread out over a wider range of values (Merriam-webster.The main reason people were attracted to Dubai Mall was because of its style which mainly accounts its phenomenal architecture. it’s a great visit to the famous attractions like the fountain and the aquarium. The mean is the average of all numbers and is sometimes called the arithmetic mean (SearchDataCenter.

GRAPH 2 To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Dubai Mall? .

In addition to. the highest mean is 2.07 for the statement that it’s a place where shops provide great value for money. One of the highest answered statement is that it’s a place with lots of variety and choice.77 on the statement that it’s an easy place to get parking.The statement to which the people strongly agreed mostly accounting to 86% was that they think its place to visit with the family. The tables and graphs shown below further analyse the above statements. It’s also has the most variety of choices for leisure and entertainment. As shown in the Table 1 above Dubai Malls 1200 branded shops while 150 restaurants. . In addition to. only 31% of the respondents disagreed with the statement that it’s an easy place to get parking. The highest standard deviation is 0. This statement is backed up by Peter and Anandkumar’s study on the sources of competitive advantage of Dubai as a Shopping Tourism Destination.

33% 0 0 3 20.86% 28.00% 20.43% Q7: Likely: 3 (C) 3 – 42.Shopping (1)– – Windo Work/Busi Meeting Total– w ness (3)– friends/fa Shoppi mily (4)– ng (2)– 100.86 % 38.00 % 13.8 9% 1 0 5 7.00% Q7: Likely: 2 (B) 3 1 – 21.57% 0.8 9% 4 14 10 36 1 9 2 .00% Q7: Likely: 4 (D) 6 4 0 – 15 Q7: Likely: 1 (A) Total Responde nts 28.00% 8.00 % 0.00 % 0.57% 0.8 9% 6 14 28.57 % 38.00% 0.14% 42.00 % 3 0 – 60.

00% Window Shopping 1 2 0.57% 20.00% Work/Business 0.0% 100.00% 28.86% 40.00% 100.00% 7.57% 28.0% 0.14% Shopping 0.0% 20.00% friends/family 3 4 .00% 42.43% 42.0% 60.0% 21.What was your reason to visit Dubai mall 1= Most Likely 4= Most unlikely 120.00%Meeting 0.0% 60.86% 28.0% 80.00% 0.57% 20.

GRAPH 3 Do events in the Mall encourage you to visit? . Out of the 36 respondents 15 responded that shopping would be their main motive to visit Dubai Mall again. According to the graph shopping is the most likely reason people might visit the Mall again. 10 of the other respondents thought that meeting friends and family would be their main likely motive. where it compares the likeliness of visitors visiting the mall again and what would their main motive be. While work/business was the most unlikely reason to visit again.The above graph is a comparison between 2 variables of our questionnaire and survey.

experiential benefits (. attractiveness (.37 as showed by the table above.684 .811 .486 . Table 1 .059 6.540).000 The content of the table predicts that the ambience is positively correlated with social relationship (.570 .000 .5 Factors Social relationship Layout Enjoyment Product oriented benefits Attractiveness Comfort Convenience Merchandise quality Experiential benefits Design Interpersonal relationship Situational benefits Correlation . enjoyment (.570).009 .632).000 .000 .81 2186.567).567 Significance ..672 .633). The relationship between ambience and other elements of mall shopping Table .Majority of people agree that they will visit the Mall again for its events organized.48 and the mean is 1.517) and situational benefits (502).510 % of Variance 19.659).491 .533). The standard deviation is 0.657 .621 . convenience (.269 7.000 .632 . One of the most awaited event organized is near The Burj Khalifa on the eve of new years are the spectacular fireworks display.531 .000 .502 .520 ..540 .689 .250 .594).344 15.000 .533 .000 .000 . product oriented benefits (.659 . design (.594 . accounting for the 63% of people.000 . merchandise quality (. comfort (.602 .525 .517 .Factors of shopping motivation KMO Bartlett’s Test Significance Communalities Value Factors Derived . layout (.592 . interpersonal relationship (.000 .000 .043 9.535 .480 .000 VAR00001 VAR00002 VAR00003 VAR00004 VAR00005 VAR00006 VAR00007 VAR00008 VAR00009 VAR00010 VAR00011 VAR00012 VAR00013 VAR00014 .602)..535).633 ..

059% and 6. The factors derived are more appropriate for representing the population parameter.344%. This indicates that the 19 variables possess the variances ranging from 48% to 81. 9.1% which is highly conducive for the derivation of meaningful factors. Bartlett‟s test of Sphericity with approximate Chi-square value 2186.480 to .043%. The identification of factors and their variable loadings are presented below.475 . 7. The cumulative variance is found to be 56.20%. 15. This shows that the sample size is adequate for 19 variables to identify the predominant factors.VAR00015 VAR00016 VAR00017 VAR00018 VAR00019 . These values clearly indicates the factor derived possess appropriate variances to contain the variable. GRAPH 4 .26%.514 .871.516 From the above table it is found that KMO measure of sampling adequacy is .964% and the individual variances are 19.516 .009 are statistically significant at 5 % level.534 . The communalities values ranges from .811.

00 1.54 0.00 1.62 1.31 for the statement that it costs a lot for people to park in the mall.00 1.00 1. I’m satisfies with the outcome of my visit to the Mall.50 0.22 0. My visit to this Mall was a productive one.00 2. The highest standard deviation is 0.00 1.00 3.00 3.00 1.91 0.58 1.The most agreed statement for this question is that mostly they felt good after the visit to the mall.00 3. Minimum– Maximum– Median– Mean– Standard Deviation– – I felt good after my visit to this Mall.80 for the statement that a lot of time is spent queing in tha mall. And te highest mean is 2.67 1.00 1. I wasn't able to do everything I planned during the visit. It took too long to get to 1.00 2.58 1. It was costly to get to the Mall.00 3. The most disgareed statement was that it costs a lot for people to park at the Mall.80 0.00 3. Friends commented positively on the products I bought.00 3.00 3.69 0.00 2.00 1. I managed to do everything I wanted on my visit.69 1.87 0.00 3.52 0.46 1.75 .07 0.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 3.62 1.69 1. I was able to get some good deal on my visit.66 1.71 0.00 2. I’m confident that my choice of this Mall was the right one.00 1.00 1.00 2.

66 0. Parking is very restricted at the Mall.00 2.13 0.00 3. A lot of time is spent queuing in the Mall.00 3.00 2.64 3. It costs a lot for people to park at the Mall.80 1.00 1.78 1.00 3.Minimum– Maximum– Median– Mean– Standard Deviation– – the Mall.00 3.00 2.          They should have lucrative sale Better and genuine offers Need to have more shows Build more shops Have more and longer sale period More promotion and sales on children’s wear Value for money and kids play at reasonable price Easy parking Promote green sustainable living .05 0.00 2.71 1. There are many time limited offers in the shops 1. Access to the Mall was very difficult.00 2.00 2. what marketing/promotional techniques could be improved in Dubai mall? SO below are some of the marketing techniques and solutions provided by the respondents.00 0.00 2.00 2.2 Marketing implication One of the key question included in our questionnaire and surveys was that according to the tourists.00 3.00 2.75 1.31 0.

.         Reduce prices Gift coupons Radio advertising Held concerts Should be more promotional events very frequently Outdoor publicity An indoor navigation system which can be in a form of an app Direct access to the mall without the long walk More events and activities specially for kids.

M. NJ Joanne McPeake . Anna O’Neill .Reference ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) (2004). Solomon. Meghan Bateson . 24-26. (2014) Electronic surveys: how to maximise success. and Being. Basic configurations and type for the United States. Having. (2009). Upper Saddle River. . ICSC shopping center definitions. Pearson Education. Nurse Researcher 21:3. Consumer Behavior: Buying.

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