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Luis Hernandez
August 26, 2015

Arab Springs
People from the Middle East rebelled against their government because they were
mistreating the people and breaking laws. It was a very bad environment, rulers who didn’t care
about the lower class citizens, and terrorist attacks happening frequently across the country.
The Arabs felt like they were cursed but they never gave hope up on rebuilding their country
once again without a corrupt government. The Arabs started to understand the government has
become corrupted and that they are not planning on changing their ways any time soon. Some
are outraged with the decisions the government is making, others are embarrassed to even
claim to be Arabian.
The Arabs government despotism all of the population instead of helping them out. That
is one of the reasons the Arabs were unsatisfied with the government they gave power to. The
Arab citizens started fighting back when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself in fire to protest against
the government. That day was when the so called storm hit the country. The citizens got
together and demanded the government to throw Tunisia's Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali out of
political power.
Once they removed Tunisia from political power the Arabs were going to finally start a
new and better government. The new government they were planning on creating represents a
mix of both Locke and Hobbes because the Arab citizens still want control over the people but
also give them a chance to taste freedom. They want to give everyone a job but want to change
the mentality of those who believe the country can’t be ruled without causing chaos. Half of the
people have the mentality of Locke such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while the
other half are just like Hobbes with the same mentality that the country can’t run itself with just
freedom. The half that are with Hobbes know that without the help of the citizens, the country
could go through all of the experience they encounter once again.
The Arab population is involved with the new government they plan to create in many
ways such as choosing who is going to take the responsibility to become president. They need
to overcome the fear they have against giving another man the power to become president but
you can’t blame them on being more cautious. They also involve themselves with the
government by providing them money to clean the city, protect them from corrupt people or a
country invasion. It is hard for these former tyrannical governments to embrace democracy
because they never have experience what life could be if the political power embraces the
democratic change to their government. They will find it more suitable to the government the
Arabs are planning on creating because the people now have the right to vote for the person
they want to represent their country.