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Noah Herrera

Ms. Stronks
Friday, September 25, 2015
Tales to Astonish
On Thursday, May 13, 2015 in Manhattan, Peter Parker had recently
finished his speech for graduation. Suddenly, a crazed seven feet tall Lizard
threw a poisonous gas cylinder at Peter Parker. With his spider senses, he
dodged the cylinder and immediately turned into Spider-Man. The world was
already aware that Peter was Spider-Man, due to the Superhero Registration
Act. Spider-Man successfully tied the Lizard to a tree so the police can arrest
it for attempted murder. After the graduation from Mid-Town College, Peter
asked Mary Jane for her hand in marriage. She responded, “Yes, of course!”
Peter was so excited, that he fell down the stairs to tell Aunt May. When Peter
approached Aunt May, he saw that she had a lot of bullet wounds and that a
robotic tentacle was right next to her. When Peter saw this, he realized that
she was murdered by the nefarious Doctor Octopus.
Peter was so enraged, that he wore his Black Spider-Man suit, which
symbolized anger. After three hours looking for Dr. Otto Octavius (“Doc
Ock”), he found him and Peter said, “Why did you murder my Aunt May?”
Doc Ock responded saying, “Because I can!” Peter shot a string of web down
his throat and he died. Now, Peter was a fugitive and the police could easily

track him down because they know where he lives and what he looks like.
Peter was so freaked out, that he decided to call his friend Steven Strange
(“Doctor Strange”). Doctor Strange came to Peter’s apartment and said,
“Why did you need me to come?” Peter said, “I killed Doctor Octopus, and I
need you to bring him back to life.”

Steven responded, “Why should I,

he’s a villain and a menace to society?” Peter replied, “Because I’m already a
fugitive and if you revive him, I could easily be on a clean slate again.” So
Doctor Strange revived Otto Octavius, saying “Ooh say awweh y cha uh!”
and Doctor Octopus was brought back to life. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man
hid behind a tree, so he wouldn’t see them. Doctor Octopus said, “SpiderMan will pay for killing me” and he called Eddie Brock (“Venom”). Three
hours later, Venom came and killed Mary Jane, but what Venom didn’t know
was that Peter took caution and made a paper Mache version of Mary Jane.
When Doctor Octopus noticed Venom’s foolishness, he spanked him
several times with his tentacles and then he called Harry Osborn (“Green
Goblin”). Otto told Harry, “If you don’t kill Peter, than I will spank you so
hard, you will be airlifted to China.” Harry was so scared, that he brought
everything with him, such as a glider, pumpkin bombs, poison gas, and a
sword. At nine o’clock at night, the Green Goblin appeared and put gas
around Peter’s apartment, somehow Doctor Strange and Iron Man were in his
apartment and they both had a great time beating up the Green Goblin.

It turns out that Peter was at In-N-Out eating a four by four
cheeseburger when the Green Goblin sprayed poisonous gas around Peter’s
apartment and of course, the Green Goblin was spanked to China. When
Peter Parker returned to his apartment, he saw Tony Stark filling out these
papers and Tony said, “Your name has been erased from the Superhero
Registration Act, and you are now free!” Peter was so happy, that he bought
another four by four cheeseburger that was animal style for Doctor Strange
and Iron man that was at In-n-Out. On May 20, 2015, Peter and Mary Jane
were finally married where Doctor Octopus crashed the wedding to express
his sorrow for trying to kill Peter. Peter, of course, forgave him but knew that
one day Spider-Man would again have to put the good Doctor in his place.