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Brooke E.

1820 North Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060  434.327.9973 
Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia

Anticipated Graduation: 2017

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Green Engineering Minor

Cumulative GPA: 3.33

In-Major GPA: 3.34

Study Abroad Fall 2013: Switzerland and Rwanda: Creating Sustainable Social Change

Study Abroad Spring 2013: Ireland: Culture, Natural Resources, and Design

Leadership Experience_________________________________________________

Project Lead & Creator, Service Without Borders, Rwanda Project
 Manage project team and communication between team and contact in country
 Aim to create and implement sustainable solutions for areas of need
in Rilima, Rwanda
Engineers Without Borders Executive Board
 Working to create a stronger connection between EWB teams
 Fundraising and networking within Virginia Tech’s campus
Publicity Chair, Eventing at Virginia Tech
 Promoted the Eventing club and helped to establish connections for future
fundraising opportunities
Team Leader, Sustainable Energy Design Project
 Using Hydro-power, created sustainable design for rainwater powered lighting
 Lead and united team in the creation of a design report and prototype

July 2015-Present

January 2015-Present
August 2014-Present
Fall 2012

Work and Intern Experience_______________________________________________

Project Management Intern, Fort Meade Location Southland Industries Mid-Atlantic Division
Summer 2015
 Assisted in managing classified government project along with both field personnel and
office personnel
 Performed commissioning activities to help further the status of the project’s equipment
 Created connections with vendors and other contractors, opening lines of communication
Customer Service Management and Production, Edible Arrangements
 Assisted customers in their arrangement decisions and customization
 Developed business relationships with local companies to generate greater profit
And increase store exposure across the Charlottesville area.
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Pediatric Medical Device Institution
January 2015- Present
 Assisting in research aimed to support medical treatment of children in
third world countries
Energy Intern, Southland Industries Mid-Atlantic Division & Energy Services
Summer 2014
 Created PV designs for a winning bid proposal in Southern California
 Interacted with clients on site and assisted in creating energy-saving solutions
Volunteer, Mabawa Foundation, Rwanda
August 2013-December 2013
 Developed and taught English as a Second Language curriculum
 Developed and taught an Entrepreneurship at University Level curriculum
Intern, Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District
August 2011-June2012
 Worked to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and usefulness of a
variety of farm sites around central Virginia.
 Created relationships with customers to develop a balanced solution plan

Community Involvement _________________________________________________

CEED Freshman Peer Mentor
 Help incoming freshman engineering students adjust to their first year
 Assist in addressing arising problems by finding appropriate solutions
Co-Founder Head Start Saturday Sports Soccer Program
 Taught underprivileged children ages 3-10 soccer
 Fundraised locally, built strong relationships between community and Virginia Tech

March 2015-Present
January 2013-May 2013

Extra-Curricular _______________________________________________ ________

Service Without Borders, Rwanda Project
Student Engineers Abroad Council
Engineers Without Borders, Uganda Team
Eventing at Virginia Tech
Mabawa Foundation Rwanda Volunteer

Dean’s List
Dean’s List with Distinctions (QCA over 3.75)
Greene County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship
Order of Independent Odd Fellows Scholarship
Virginia State Scholarship Fund Scholarship

July 2015-Present
December 2014-Present
August 2014- Present
February 2014-Present
August 2013-December 2013

Awards/Achievements ________________________________________ ______
Spring 2015
Fall 2013
2012- 2014