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Please answer the following questions in FULL sentences (I want to see a

PARAGRAPH for each response). These will go in your E-PORTFOLIOS!

1. What new information did you learn while working on this assignment? Describe
the writing skills that were new to you this year or that you feel you improved on. Number
each separate skill and discuss.
I learned that someones perception is different than the reality. I also learned that there are
many perceptions, but only one reality. We did counterclaims and rebuttals in 7th grade, but I
have forgotten most of it. Since then, I think I have improved on them.
1. Describe your comfort level with writing an argumentative essay at the start of first
I am totally comfortable with writing an argumentative essay in the beginning of the year. I
would rather have one later in the year because we would have developed our skills more.
However, I like them early because it helps develop our skills earlier so the rest of the year would
be a little easier.
2. In what way do you feel more comfortable writing argumentative papers now that
you completed this LDC prompt? What did we do in class that you found helpful? What do
you think I should review in class again to help you become more skilled at this type of
I feel more comfortable because I have had some practice. We went over the certain paragraphs
with classmates which I found helpful. Reviewing the paragraphs help me make me more
confident about getting a good grade.
3. What part of an argumentative essay do you think you still need to work on (hook,
claim, body paragraphs, transitions, counterclaim, text evidence, explanation of evidence,
etc.)? Create a brainstorming list. Then put them in the order that you feel is most
important to work on.
I think I need to work on my conclusion, rebuttal, and counterclaim. My conclusion is the one I
need the most work on and rebuttal is the one im most confident about out of the three.
4. Discuss what you learned about writing a claim statement. Was this an easy or
more challenging skill for you and WHY?
I learned that writing a claim statement is where you tell what side you are arguing and tell the
opposing side. This was an easy skill because I had already had some practice learning to write a
claim in 7th grade.
5. Discuss what you now know about writing transitions and topics sentences. Was
this an easy or more challenging skill for you and WHY?
I learned that writing transitions and topic sentences is how you tell supporting points and
switching from one supporting detail to another. This was an easy skill for me because I had
practice in 7th grade.
6. Discuss what you know about writing support and elaboration in body paragraphs?
Was this an easy or more challenging skill for you and WHY?

I learned that writing support and elaboration in body paragraphs is how you explain your
supporting details. This was a more challenging skill because I hadnt had very much practice.
7. Discuss what you know about theme and, specifically, the theme of perception v.
I know that theme is the subject of a discussion, essay, etc., and that the theme of perception v.
reality is that many people can think and see it differently, but there is only one reality.
8. How did you manage your time for this assignment? Did it work for you? If not,
what might you do differently?
I managed my time by working hard and looking back at the stories to support my argument. It
did work well, but I couldve spent a little more time working and not talking to my friends as
9. Using the standards based LDC rubric, circle where you believe you are for each
of the 7 elements in column one. IF you give yourself a 2 or less on any element, please
see me to talk about what you can do to improve.
Be honest with yourself in your assessment using the rubric!