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Match the columns to form conditional sentences:
A) I will go to Brenda's party ...
B) I will call Sam ...
C) If you went to the doctor ...
D) If you go to Canada ...
E) I would help you ...
F) If I had time ...
G) If Joe had given me his phone number ...
H) Chris could stay in my house ...
I) I would write to Phil. ..
( B ) if I get his phone number.
( C ) he would prescribe you some cough medicine.
( H ) if she came to Brazil.
( I ) if I had his address.
( D ) you will see lots of maple trees.
( A ) if she invites me.
( G ) I would have called him.
( E ) if I weren't so busy.
( F ) I would finish this task.
(--- ) I would have helped you.

Test 1

Test 2 .If he loses election. he _______ from public life.(PUCPR) . a) will retire. c) retired. d) retire. e) going to retire. b) has retired.

a) would agree.Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna da frase a seguir: If he put it this way. b) should have agreed. e) agreeded. everybody ________ with him. c) will agree.SP) . d) would has agreed. Test 3 .(UNESP .

RS) . e) don't.Mark the alternative that completes the sentence correctly: "If people were honest. they ____________buy fake products". Test 4 . d) wouldn't. c) won't. b) did.(UFSM . a) would.

c) will invite. a) have invited. d) are inviting.(UECE) . Test 5 .Mark the best option I'd have gone to that party if they ___________me. b) had invited.

c) were. would buy. This one is pretty old. will buy. d) were.Complete with the right alternative: "If I ___________you." a) am. would buy. buy. b) was. will buy. Test 6 .I___________a new car. e) are.(PUCPR) .

Fill in the blank with the correct verb form: If I won a lottery I__________around the world. b) will travel. c) would travel. a) traveled. e) travel. Test 7 .(PUCPR) . d) am traveling.

d) rained. b) rains. Test 8 .BA) . c) will rain.Complete properly: If it __________ we will stay at home. e) to rain. a) rain.(FCC.

I would feel more comfortable.SP) .Which is the correct form? a) b) c) d) e) If George were here with us. If George is here with us. Test 9 . I would feel more comfortable. I will feel more comfortable. If George were here with us. If George was with us. I would feel more comfortable.(FAAP . If George was here with us. I will feel more comfortable.

she will help him.Marque outra forma condicional correta das frases "lf he has money. he'd have bought a car e If she really had loved him. she'd help him. he would have bought a car e If she really loved him.(UECE) . c) If he had money. he will buy a car e If she really loved him. she'll have helped him. b) If he had had money. d) If he had money. she'll help him": a) If he had money. he will buy a new car" e "If she really loves him. Test 1O . he would buy a new car e If she really loved him. she would help him.

we_________to the beach. would go. a) was. e) was. d) is.Mark the best option: If the weather__________nice. c) had been. would have go. would gone. Test 11 . will go. would go. b) were.

you would have fallen much healthier.The sentence . you have feel: much healthier. Test 12 . in the second conditional will be: a) If you had eaten vegetables that contain vitamin K. b) If you ate vegetables that contain vitamin K.. you would have feel much healthier. "lf you eat vegetables that contain vitamin K. you won't feel much healthier. you will feel healthier . you would feel much healthier. c) If you have eaten vegetables that contain vitamin K.PR) .(UP .. e) If you eat vegetables that contain vitamin K.. d) If you ate vegetables that contain vitamin K.

Assinale a letra correspondente a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada." a) when I have time.SP) ." "Yes. You must understand that I'll have to fail you if you don't complete your requirements. Dwarf. "Frederick. I know.(PUCCAMP . Test 13 . d) if I will have time. I'll try to catch up. Mr. what's the matter with you? This is the third assignment you haven't turned in!" "I know." "But that's no excuse. b) if I had time. I would have turned them in______________ but I've been extremely busy. c) if I had had time. e) when I would have time.

If the snow cover _________ longer. would damage . disturb..SP) . a) lasted .. disturb.(UNESP . b) would last . d) will last . it __________the plants and will_________the water cycle..... damages ….. c) lasts . will damage …. will disturb.. will damage …... disturbed. e) lasts . Test 14 .... would damage .. disturbs....

was (III). III e IV são: a) were (I). were (III)." Os termos que melhor preenchem as lacunas I. had (IV). would (IV). were (III). could (Il). Churchill: "If you (III) my wife I (IV) drink it. d) was (I). was (III). would (II). c) were (I).(ITA . were (1I1l. had (Il). would (IV).SP) . would (II). would (Il). b) was (I).Lady Astor MP: "If you (I) my husband I (Il) poison your coffee". d) were (I). would (IV). II. Test 15 . had (IV).

would have met b) If you had gone to the movies. you ________(be) in a better position now.SP) . Test 16 .Complete as sentenças abaixo com o tempo correto do verbo entre parênteses. would be a) If you had worked harder. you______________(meet) him.(FUVEST .

would also accept.. won't refuse.Indique a alternativa que preenche corretamente a sentença: "If some anti-terrorist commentators ___________ the causes of terrorism. e) accepted ... Test 17 ... c) accepted. also accepted. they___________ justifications for it"..SP) ... wouldn't refuse. didn't refuse. a) accept . b) don't refuse .(UNESP ... d) wouldn't refuse .

c) mustn't go out.. " correctly is a) couldn't go out. Test 18 .The alternative that does not finish the sentence "If it rains we . e) can't go out.. b) won't go out. d) shouldn't go out.(UFRGS) .

(PUC-PR) . c) would have killed. a) will be killed. d) would be killed.If the Italian tarantula had been so poisonous. b) would have to kill. Test 19 . e) would have been killed. a lot of people____________.

V.Select the best alternative to complete the sentences below: I. III. was cleaned. he would have got more customers. II. b) have. If he __________his restaurant. has. has cleaned. d) have had. hadn't been driving. we wouldn't have to spend all our time waiting for buses. If we ___________a car. Test 20 . have. a) have. had. If you _________out more. would meet a few people. she wouldn't have crashed her car. If she _________so fast. have. have gone. hadn't been driven. cleaned. have had. hadn't driven. e) have. c) had. have gone. IV. If they _________money. they will build a big house. hadn't driven. had cleaned. had cleaned. went.(PUC-PR) . go. wasn't driving. went.

" a) will have dental problems... b) would have dental problems. d) could have dental problems. c) would have had dental problems.(CESGRANRIO . e) may have had dental problems.RJ) .Mark the item that shows the correct ending to the following sentence: "If the process happens each time we eat sugar. we . Test 21 .

I __________ (visit) you. e) I could understand him if he_______ (not speak) so quickly.RJ) . b) If I go to the Post Office. she would have told you. Test 22 . d) He would tell you about it if he ____________ (be) there. I_________(mail) this letter for you.(CESGRANRIO .Mark the sentence below that must be completed with the same verb tense as HAD ASCRIBED. a) If I had the time. c) If she ___________(see) the movie.

2. b) apenas a sentença 2. Constatamos que esta (estão) correta(s) a) apenas a sentença 1 . If you had bought a car last year. e) todas as sentenças.(ITA . c) apenas a sentença 3. Test 23 . d) apenas as sentenças 1 e 2. 3. If I was she. it would have cost you much less than now.Dadas as sentenças 1. I should buy a new house.SP) . I worked here since 1970.

e) condition. stem cells will be taken from the patient .. " a) consequence. b) conclusion.. c) result. d) contrast. Test 24 .(UFCE) .What's the relation between the two clauses in the sentence below? "If this dental dream becomes a reality.

If you ___________. c) didn't hurry.Complete properly. a) don't hurry.(FMU . e) doesn't hurry. we shall miss the train.SP) . Test 25 . d) hurry. b) hurried.

Choose the correct alternative: If his father were richer. Test 26 .SP) . e) be allowed. b) would allow. d) was being allowed. c) will be allowed. a) would be allowed.(ITA . he_________ to have a car.