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Ai é AUG 25 08 lpr 990-PF Return of Private Foundation ‘ocaimartctie tang [OF Section 4947(a)(1) Nonexempt Charitable Trust Treated as a Private Foundation) 1999 \fisrl von ones Note: Tho organization may beable o use a cony ofthis atu ta satay stato reporting requtements. For calendar year 1999, or tax year beginning Use the IRS abel, Otherwise, | JonBenet Ramsey Children’s Foundation please print erp |P.O. Box 724505 See Specie |Atlanta, GA 31139 Instructions. 1999, and ending i Check ype oforartzaton LI Seaton SO1(0(8) exorpt private foundation section se47a)1) nonexomptchariabi wust_ Ef Otoraxabio private foundaton 1 Fairmarkot val ofall asset tend Accounting mattoa: MH Cash] Acori | ‘of yea rom Pan cc (2), ine 1) C1 ober spect) (Cart colurn (0)rutbo On cash BBS] hs 6,415 E uprated Toprol tetetcs <7 > ET (Bereta Sononnon chor >o G tastes nang oe re Ee ceiaton naar 84-1397683 1B Telepanel ara) races Df Femap caninn cbakine ooo BED * gEiaewdawcreongn 2. 0 O EERE pnatysis of Revenue & Expenses {Tho tal of amounts in columns (0 (6, and {@) may ot necessary equal ie amour In caa e00 page Sof the stuns) {0) Revenuo and ‘exponses por etinves books: (@) Net investment (6) Adjusted net {Disbursements ‘or chatible purposes (cash basis ony) Coane is, gana, oe. venbeawachecn) SESE Contours from spitntoest trusts eG Interest on savings and temporary cesh investments. Dividends ard inetest ham secures. 5a Grose rots bb (Not ronal income or) 6 set pun orto ist azar oninn To 7 Capital gain nat incora {trom Part, tine 2). 18 Nether term capt gan 9 Income mesiicalions nee 108 Gross sales less returns andallowancee .. bb Loss: Cost of goods sold a oe = oe a (© Gross profta (oss) (attach schedtfa)- 11 Otter income (atch schedule) 12 Total. Add ines 1 hough 11. 10°” Compeneaon of oteers, ects stes, ela. 14 Other ompioyes salaies and wages 15 Pansion plans, employee bonotts 18a Logal foes (attach schedule) «...1.++ oz=>znv0| bb Accounting fees (attach sched) - 18 Taxes (acre aa}phatean) apa iSSco> 3 Oher expanees afech schedde) .... Stink 28 Total operating and administrative expenses. ‘Add tnes 18 through 23... Contbutins, gis, ants paid ...See..Pxct.. XV 25, Total exenses end esbursements Adtins 24 and 25 7 i, oii 37 77 Se 105 5 5 100 2,116 42 42 100 2, 000 Hee eee ee ee 2,000 3,116 42 2,100 (27 Sublract line 28 trom tine 2 Excess of revenue over expenses and fledurceMenta-.......seseesesessseee 898 b Netinvestment income (negative, enter.) Adjusted net income (i nogave, enter -0-) be | ae ae a oe cu a Vex For Paperwork Reduction Act NoUce, eee the Instructions, on 960-PF a = ‘ rmaorriing JonBenet Ramsey Children’s Foundation 84-1397683 raw 2 Sumac” | semua! ide yu EEBHE) Balance Sheets genes : (a) Bock Vawo | () Book Vane — |e) Far wart Vawo | cana atinarg : : 2 Savings and temporary cash Investments. aot 4,506 6, eI 6,415 9 Accounts receivatio D>, Le ee s ne tour alonene Soa 4 Pledges receivable > eS Posen coces penne cwer enemy reeunens Less alonance for doutitl ascouris 5 Grants receivable 18 ecalvables dbo fom offers, directors, trusts, nda dsaies Persons (attach sched) (s00 page 14 of tho instructions) 7. Other notes and loans receivable iii ee ee Less aowence for dovtiil accounts 18 Irvantoresforsalecor use... Propald oxponses and dofered chargos ‘0a Invesimonts - U.S. and stato goverment cbiigatons (at sch.) ' Investments - corporate stock (attach schedule) Investments - corporate bonds (attach schoduio) “1 levestnens land, blngs, and equlpment eee basis > ee oe ‘Less: eccilated deprecation (atach schoadla) > 12 Investmants- mortgago oars .......--22sses+++useseurnnoe 18 Investments other (attach sobedtis) “4 Land, bulls, and ecuoment basis SE 4 4,546 Li a Leas ocumust deprecaton (aac scheaioy 4,546 1,011 48 Otherasaos (describe b ) 16 Tota sete to be comple a er - cop, 150 the hates ‘Also, $66 p00 1, Hom)» - 5,517 6,415 77 Accounls payable and accued expences 18 Grants payable 19 Deferred rovenu ... [20 Loans kom offers, rectors, tustes, 8 cer sql persons 21 Morigagos and citer notes payable (attach schedule) 22 Othor iabies (ascribe om=4-r a> 23. Tolal abies (ad ines 17 tough 22). Orgontzations that follow SFAS 117, check hare > EH eS and complete lines 2 rough 26 and lines 20 snd 3. ne Unvesticed oes. eer a 5,517 6,415 |e Tengen iti’. svc onwvcnnn . Porranenty resticted .... a Organizations that donot follow SEAS 117, check nere b eee and complete tines 27 through 31. ee Capt ste, mt principal orient finds... sees ese foes Pain or capil supus, ofan, lig, andequpment fund... -.-!. Roiahned earings, accurate ncaa, endowment, orator nds. Total nel assets or fund balances (see rage 18 the insuctions) 5,517 6,415 31 Toutes and net asetatund places pa 180 insctong) once (ERSEEIE] Analysis of Changes in Net Assets or Fund Balances 1 Ton nat asa rnd balance atbegingo yar Part clan (0) ra (mu are who yea ae | «report on prior year's rotum) Enter amount rom Par Ino 27a. Ctherinareasee noticed in ine 2 (ize) > Addioes 1,2,and3 . : Decreases rot clase in ne 2 (temize) > “Total not asses o fund balancos at end of year ina 4 minus ine 6) Pan, eluma (be 30 —ssvsssanssevsove S a ee ae Ba Bee - . e S cee RO Gamaw> amz @moz>rra ozen e3e8 5,517 6,415 SSso55 6,415 Fem 9O0-PF (10) romaeeryw9 JonBenet Ramsey Children’s Foundation 84-1397683 red __ ERaEEE_ Capital Gains and Losses for Tax on Investment Income (2 Li and sb ee nt pay lf, eo, Tenactie! | 49 Owed | 69 Oxeece _ Pay otc waone create eck, 20 sh CO) Sober | “rovers roston) WK 9 Berean wor (@ cos ooo 9 Gana) (9 Casson pee ‘oratewasn Pa eponctaae Ciera ‘Complete ony fr assels showing gar in column and owed by tho foundation oa TES (0 case Ga Ages bade a cet ouiraieston or & @ Fmv.aset 200080 Sacremes deacaniena esos ence) a : {f gan so ertorn Pat, no 7 ‘2 Gaptel ga nat income ox (nt apa). W605), err >in Patt, ne 7 {8 Not short-term capital gain or (oss) a8 dotinedin soctons 122245) and (8) 1 gain, cao enter in Part tine 8, clu (0) (268 pages 1f and 16 the nstuctoe). } I oss), ener in Pat ino 8 a [fPari.|_ualification Under Section 4940(e) for Reduced Tax on Net investment Income (Gj goto by seat aa xaos aust ston 048 xen a vest oon) | Section 4940(¢)(2) epptos,loava this par lank. Wes tne organization lao forthe secton 4942 tax on the dtroiabe amount of any yer nthe base parid? (yes Ono 1F"¥e th organization des nt quay una secton 48400). Do not compl iis par. 1_Enlor th appropriat ameuntin ech cour foreach year, sae page 16 of he nsrucons before making ary ens. = = Saiyeyee2 2 2 Samdette xen rete tern) Attn otra sot eee oi Benet) 1608 1897 1008 1505 1808 2 Total oflae 1, cm (2) 2 {3 Atege orator tho yea base pot i ooo 25 bone ‘ol years the cundaton nes ean in exile ee han 5 year. pip alas 4 Entor nena valu of encharablo-ise asso for 199 rom Part Xn 8 4 5 Mutsy no dy Eno 3 : 5 1 Entor 1% ofrot investment income (1% of Pat ne 276) 7 : 6 7 Ad tines Band : 7 {8 Entorqualying istrbutons fom Pat, tna 4. - ts Hino equal toc ealerthan hs 7, check box nPar jho ,an eon at pr sg a5 on page 16. ‘See the Pan Vi iestuctons Fan 900-PF (a0