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FSC Empowering Supplier Definition

1. At least 25% of Total Measured Procurement Spend (including imports) must

be procured from local producers or local suppliers in SA.
2. 50% of new jobs created in the last financial year were for Black people
provided that the proportion of Black employees to all employees since the
immediate prior verified B-BBEE Measurement is maintained
3. At least 25% of socio-economic development programmes must be focused
on education activities

At least 25% of all Enterprise and Supplier Development support must be

directed at black women enterprise development beneficiaries

4. Skills transfer

Organisations need to spend a minimum number of days as indicated

in the table below, in assisting Enterprise Development beneficiaries to
increase their operation and / or financial capacity. This process can be
Number of employees
in the organisation
0 - 150
150 - 500
> 500
> 5 000

No of Days Spend doing skills

transfer with all beneficiaries