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Anastomosis Around the Scapula

Anastomosis Around the Scapula

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Published by: Yusri Arif on Mar 22, 2010
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Anastomosis around the scapula

Site: around the scapula Arteries share: 1. 1st part of subclavian artery 2. 3rd part of axillary artery 3. Descending thoracic aorta Branches and course: 1. Branches form 1st part of subclavian artery a. Deep branch of transverse cervical artery i. Arises from thyrocervical trunk ii. Descends along medial border of scapula to reach the inferior angle b. Suprascapular artery i. Arises from thyrocervical trunk ii. Passes above the suprascapular ligament to reach supraspinous fossa iii. Through the spinoglenoid notch to reach infraspinous fossa 2. Branch from 3rd part of axillary artery a. Subscapular artery i. Gives circumflex scapular artery ii. Descends along the lateral border of the scapula 3. Branch form descending thoracic aorta a. Posterior intercostal arteries Clinical Importance 1. Secures blood supply to the upper limb in case of obstruction of the artery

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