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Lymph Node Site Drainage End

1. Of thoracic wall
a. Parasternal Internal thoracic (mammary)  Deep parts of anterior wall
vessels of thorax and abdomen
above the umbilicus Broncho-mediastinal trunk
 Medial part of the
mammary gland
b. Intercostal  Posterior end of
Deeper parts of the lateral and
intercostals space Thoracic duct
posterior thoracic wall
 Close to vertebral column
c. Diaphragmatic  Diaphragm
Upper surface of diaphragm Parasternal lymph nodes
 Upper surface of the liver
2. Of thoracic contents  Superior mediastinum
a. Mediastinal related to left  Diaphragm
brachiocephalic vein  Heart and pericardium Thoracic duct
 Posterior mediastinum  Oesophagus
related to oesophagus
b. Related to lungs
i. Pulmonary  Inside the tissue of the
 Near the hilum
 Along major branches of
 Lung tissue
bronchiol tree
 Bronchi Broncho-mediastinal lymph
ii. Broncho-pulmonary Root of the lung
 Lower part of trachea trunk
iii. Tracheo-brancheal Around the bifurcation of the
 Heart
 Superior
 Inferior
iv. Paratracheal Around lower part of trachea
Paratracheal + mediastinal + Parasternal = Broncho-mediastinal lymph trunk (as one on each side)

On the right side ends in right lymphatic duct

On the left side left in the thoracic duct