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FULL NAME: Brittany Jo Sullivan COMPOSITE DEGREE: Early Child/Spec Ed (B.S.)

I am Brittany Sullivan. I was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. I am the oldest of six children and would be held responsible for taking care of my siblings. I also got to teach them about school. Ever since I attended school, I would play school with my siblings. I would teach them what I have been taught after I have mastered the material. I have had a passion for help others progress and learn something new for as long as I can remember. In high school, I had to do a senior project. I had the opportunity to teach third graders

grammar. I loved seeing how the “lightbulb turned on” when they

WINTER 2016 FULL NAME: Brittany Jo Sullivan COMPOSITE DEGREE: Early Child/Spec Ed (B.S.) I am Brittany

understood what I was teaching. Therefore, I became a tutor in 7th grade math. When I came to BYU-I, I realized how much more I wanted to help others learn. I also decided to work at a day care with the ages between 1 1/2- 5 years old.

I got married on August 7, 2014. My husband is a Special Education Major and I am an Early Childhood/Special Education Major. We have many discussions about education. We also student teach the same semester.

In a classroom, students will have the opportunity to do hands-on experiences. In my preschool practicum, I was able to plan lesson that required the students to have a first-hand experience and participate in their learning. One of the times, I was teaching about big, medium, and small heights. The children all had pumpkins of different sizes to compare and put them in order later on. Then later in the week there were blocks that they compared sizes with.

Also in the classroom, they will participate in groups. One time in second grade, I was teaching the math concept of borrowing. They all had M&M’s to use as a manipulative. Before I would ask for an answer, I would have the children talk to their table groups about how they did the problem and their answer. This allowed the students to help each other and work together. When there are problems, I help them talk through them, whether it is a problem with understanding or in their groups. When there are problems with students and other students, feelings are talked about and why they feel that way. Then I ask if there is a way to make it better, and I suggest ways to prevent it if needed.

Another thing in the classroom is the children will not have tons of homework. In the younger ages, children learn mostly through playing. They need that time to play to learn how to interact with others, teach others, problem-solve, etc. Some of those skills they need to learn on their own. In preschool, we spent most of the time playing to learn. They were able to start learning about cause and effect, math, colors, letters, how to make friends, problem solve, and much more.