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Design Charrette - B

By: Eric Wiener, Jonathan Wong, Owen Gao, Isaiah Jeremie, Ricardo Del Castillo,
Rose Goodman, and William Stevens

A wealthy citizen willed 100 undeveloped acres of wooded
land bordering an urban area. In her will she designated that
the land should be comprised of a mixed income community
of 150 homes. Space for some shopping, doctors offices,
restaurants, etc. should also be planned. Although streets for
vehicle traffic are needed, it was her wish that it should be
convenient and safe to travel by bike or on foot throughout
the community.

Proposed Solution
Solution: Develop an island to function as a small community providing everything
needed to live a comfortable lifestyle. The island is 100 acres large and will
provide affordable housing for average income families. This will be accompanied
by a convenient location to shop and multiple recreational opportunities on the
island. As a small community there will be easy access to everything by foot, car
and other modes of transportation.

Benefits of Design

Provides affordable housing for all incomes.

Provides a convenient community with all necessities within walking distance.
Provides a recreational side for people looking to have fun.
Provides all services necessary to run effectively.
Convenient commute to main land being only 13 minutes.

Stakeholders Job Description

Eric Wiener- Civil Engineer/Site Planner/Facilitator/Group Manager: Civil engineers are engineers
trained in the design and construction of public works, such as bridges or dams, and other large facilities.
Basically, they would organize the site of the project and decide what should go where, based on various
requirements. My areas of expertise are in organizing how a project should be set up and in civil projects.
The facilitator facilitates conversation and participation in the project. The group manager makes sure that
everyone is doing what theyre supposed to do and leads the group.
Jonathan Wong- Energy Consultant: Energy consultants work with clients to help them make the most
of energy use. Areas of expertise are by helping clients to reduce their costs, increase their use of green
energy, or attain accreditations such as those awarded by the Carbon Trust for offsetting their energy use.
Owen Gao- Landscape Architect : Landscape architects work to plan and design outdoor structures and
landscapes. They have to analyze the area to create environmentally friendly and efficient constructs, be it
buildings or small parks. Landscape architects specialize in planning outdoor areas, making use of the
environment in their designs
William Stevens - Cost Estimator: Cost estimators figure out the potential amount of money, work, or
time needed for the project. They also decipher why it is costing what it is and possible ways to save

Stakeholders Job Description cont.

Ricardo Castillo- Environmental Engineer/Timekeeper: An environmental engineer is
responsible for providing healthy water/air/land, as well as maintaining public safety
(radiation, waste disposal, air pollution, waste water management ETC). The area of
expertise of an environmental engineer is public health. The timekeeper records how long
the group did a certain part of the project per day.
Rose Goodman- Health and Safety Engineer/Notetaker : The nature of health and safety
engineering is ensuring that the designs of objects as well as their compositions will do no
harm to the people or houses that they are used for. The note taker records everything that
happens at each meeting.
Isaiah Jeremie - Architectural Engineer: Architectural engineering, also known as building
engineering, is the application of engineering principles and technology to building design
and construction. Responsible for the building and planning of the structures that will be

History of Little Bokeelia Island

Little Bokeelia Island is an estate on
a private island that sprawls for 100
acres in the Florida Keys. It features
cascading waterfalls, koi ponds, and
a lagoon. Its in between Sarasota
and Naples,
The current owners have prepared
the 29 unused lots for potential
future development by installing
electricity and water hookups (the
water on the island being powered
by a reverse-osmosis water plant).

The island is accessible by a
20 min helicopter ride or by a
2 hour boat ride. However,
due to the want for many
mixed income people, a
bridge will be built in order to
provide easier transport from
outside to the island, either
by foot, bicycle or by car. A
two sided pass will also have
a separate path for bicyclists
and pedestrians.

The Transformation
Little Bokeelia Island will be
transformed from an island to a large
suburb complex, with layouts of
multiple areas containing all the
necessary items needed for a fully
functional living area. We will be
dividing the island into Four main
areas, residential, recreational,
commercial and well-being.

Banks will be included to
insure financial security
and safekeep peoples
money and valuables.
They will be the center of
financial transactions and
exchange and will be
located at different parts
on the island for easy

Safety Departments
Fire Department: With a localized small force
directly on the island, we will be able to prevent
most large fires, with having access to the
mainland fire force if needed.

Police Department: The small police force

will be mainly trained to provide security
measures in large park areas, as well as
patrols on streets. However, many of the
force will be based on building connections
with the communities.

Health Center
One of the necessities of living on a
island is the need for professional and
quick health care. We will have a
doctor's office for check ups and
diagnoses, emergency care is provided
within the health center. The two safety
departments will be right next to the
Health Center, as then all of the health
and safety will be in one area, the most
efficient placement.

Hotel (Vice Hotel)

This will serve to house guests of Big
Bok, It was chosen because instead
of a modern design, the hotel uses
palm trees and huts to emulate a
tropical environment. However, it will
be small in order to keep the island
from becoming purely a tourist

Public Park
This public park includes a
performance space, though
most of the park is open ground
interspersed with trees, bike
paths, benches, gazebos, etc. It
will be funded primarily through
taxes, but many expansions
(playgrounds, security cameras,
etc) will hopefully be added
through use of private
donations. Annually, small
events will occur in the park like
fireworks, barbeques, concerts,

Small Businesses
Small businesses along the streets can help
promote tourism, farmer markets, and small
Near residential areas is going to be a small
village that is a combination of local run stores
and restaurants, in order to sponsor the small
business enterprises of locals.
Small businesses are vital to the island, because
it gives islanders a place to shop, and promotes
job growth. It also gives islanders an alternative
to chain stores, like Target or Walmart.

Energy consultant
Underwater Ocean Turbines: These structures have
three sets of blades that are similar to window shutters.
They close when water flows in the same direction and
open when water flows in the opposite direction. The
currents of the ocean turns the blades which spins a
shaft which connects to a generator and makes

Solar power: Using solar panels, we can convert the sun

s energy into electricity and build above parking
lots, backyards, on farms, and on rooftops.

US army environmental command(solar panel)

Energy consultant cont.

Wind Turbines: The air currents flow
through the blades to make the
turbine spin. As the wind turns the
blades, it spins a shaft which
connects to a generator and makes
electricity. Its an alternative to install
it on water instead of taking up room
on the island.

Environmental Concerns
A big concern of the island is the proposed green space. Without
supervision from local authorities, the green spaces can get polluted,
damaging the ecosystem and endangering local animals.
This is also a financial concern, as a dirty, undesirable green space
will lower the number of people wanting to relax or live there, as well
as the overall price if the island.
Another concern is the type of power to be used. Although there
have already been plans to use renewable, clean energy, the
citizens will still use nonrenewable for daily use (specifically,
gasoline). To minimize impact on the environment, incentives can be
given for Top Tier Gasolines (healthiest) to set up in the island.

Example of a top tier gas that

uses 3x more detergent additive
than required by the EPA

Roads and Transport

To get around from all four areas, roads are needed whether
traveling by Car or by Bicycle. To build these roads, the
material that we will be using will be asphalt coated with a
special soybean based material (RePLAY) that extends the
lifetime of the material, with actually cheaper costs. It helps
prevent collapses more often, and only has to be maintained
every 3-5 years. Asphalt is not the most expensive material,
only costing between 2.50$ and 4.00$ per square foot.

We will have multiple apartment building
complexes. You can live in them with an
average income as they cost around $1,109
for a one bedroom to $1,784 for a three
bedroom apartment per month. There will
be both smaller and larger buildings in order
to support those of lower and higher
income, and financial support will be
available for those in need.

Site Plan
Health Center

Police Dept.
Small Businesses

Underwater/ Wind

Fire Dept.





Lazy River


Costs for construction on the island

Road to island: 4,600,000
Health Center: 17,000,000
Public Park: 2,130,000
Solar power, wind and underwater turbines: 88,000
Hotel: 24,500,000
Apartments: 10,000,000
Roads on Island: 3,000,000

Total: $61,318,000 USD

1.Why is it important to recognize challenges and barriers during the charrette and then identify solutions?
It is important to recognize these things in order to further our own understanding of how to overcome them and to have a better
charrette further on in the process. This shows our progress and changes our ability to cooperate and communicate with the other
members of our group.
2. Among the ideas or thoughts that you prepared for the charrette, were there any that were disregarded by the group?
Why? Do you think it was the right decision?
Lazy River (throughout the community):
It was impractical and to ineffective cost that was not wise to be put into effect. Ultimately we decided to include it in the hotel. It was
the right decision
because it allowed us to allocate more budget towards the things that need more money allocated to them, such as roads and housing.
Solar Panel Roads:
Solar Panel Roads seemed like a good idea, however it would cost way too much, and for such a small community it wouldnt be used
to its full potential and thus money would be wasted. This was the correct decision because while it would be providing clean and
reliable energy, there were much cheaper and equally effective alternatives for such a small area.
Smoothie Bar:
The smoothie bar idea was rejected because there was no need to have it as a separate entity. We did not disagree with the idea of
having a smoothie bar, just it could easily be something included into another entity or even possibly fulfilled by a small business. It
wasnt practical to have it taking up space and money when it couldve been included in the costs of something else.

Conclusion Cont.
3. What is the value of using a charrette to investigate the feasibility and development of a building project? Describe specific
advantages over a traditional approach in which the client meets with an architect and the architect develops the plan.
The value of using a charrette to investigate the feasibility and development of a building project is that even before building upon a
land people can plan their ideas and debate over which things they should have. Also a charrette allows for people to make site plans
so that they know what to build upon. If a client uses the traditional method and decides to meet with an architect and the architect
develops the plan there can be problems that come along the way. For example other participants of the project can disagree with what
the client has chosen. In addition, if the architect does not discuss the scenario with others to know what they want and what he can
build they might run into problems that they did not foresee.
4. Identify and explain a potential drawback of the plan your team drafted.
A potential drawback of the plan our team drafted is the environmental conditions. We have to consider besides funding and space to
build on the island how it will affect species. If the human population disrupts the ecosystem in a negative way like killing off species or
polluting the area too much then we would have to reconsider our plans for Big Bok.

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