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March 22, 2010

Attorney General Jim Hood Sillers Building, Suite 1200 Jackson, Mississippi Dear General Hood:

The recently enacted federal health care legislation will burden American taxpayers with huge tax increases in the middle of the worst recession since the Depression, slash Medicare by half a trillion dollars, force unfunded Medicaid expansions on the states, and lead to the eventual
federal government takeover of all medical care in the United States.

As dire as those features of the bill are, the two provisions that most threaten our constitutional freedom and form of government are (1) the requirement that forces American citizens to buy health insurance and (2) the preferential Medicare deal for Nebraska. That is why I am requesting you to join other Attorneys General across America in filing suit to protect
Americans from this unconstitutional power-grab by the federal government.

For the first time in our history, the federal government will force private citizens to purchase a commodity based on specifications issued by federal bureaucrats, regardless of whether individual Americans want that service. In this case, the commodity is health insurance, but if this mandate is constitutional, what will stop the federal government from, for example, requiring every American to buy a certain make and model of car from an auto manufacturer that has received government subsidies? I am convinced that the Framers of the Constitution never intended for the power of Congress under the Commerce Clause to reach that far. Secondly, it is well-known that a sweetheart deal to benefit Nebraska was made for the sole purpose of securing the vote of Senator Ben Nelson for the health care bill. This special scheme will exempt the residents of Nebraska from paying their fair share of the budget-busting expansions of Medicaid that the taxpayers in the other forty-nine states will be forced to shoulder. Because that unequal treatment of the states and the taxpayers is not related to any legitimate governmental purpose, this provision violates our basic constitutional protections against arbitrary and capricious legislation, as well as all notions ofjustice and fair play.

For these reasons, I call on you to file suit to vindicate the rights of all Mississippians
guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Phil Bryant Lt. Governor

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