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CCCC 2010 Handout

CCCC 2010 Handout

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Published by DerekMueller
Session D.24, Thursday, March 18, 2010
"When The Last Database You Search Is Not Your Own"
Session D.24, Thursday, March 18, 2010
"When The Last Database You Search Is Not Your Own"

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Published by: DerekMueller on Mar 23, 2010
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24 Scholarship, Remix, and the Database

When the Last Database You Search Is Not Your Own
Opening Questions
In light of Rhetoric and Composition's many field narratives, where are our databasic sensibilities leading us? How might our databasic sensibilities guide us differently with respect to recent or long-standing field narratives?

Two prevailing approaches to archiving: outsourced and in-sourced, or field-sourced. Add to this a third approach, network sourced. Why? If we recognize what is valuable in enigmatic, fatigable collections, commonplace approaches to archivization may be productively redefined. That is, a curatorial ethics for Rhetoric and Composition must incorporate networksourced logics. Examples of this third databasic formation include 1. Blogged Reading Notes – Advanced Graduate Students A Collage of Citations - http://michaeljfaris.com/blog/ Michael Faris, Penn State Digital Bibliography - http://ryantrauman.com/blog/ Ryan Trauman, Louisville Revolution Lullabye - http://revolutionlullabye.wordpress.com/ Laura Davies, Syracuse II. Rhetoric and Composition Carnivals John Trimbur's "Changing the Question: Should Writing Be Studied?" http://porquoipas.blogspot.com/2007/01/belatedly-trimbur-and-writing-studies.html http://michaeljfaris.com/blog/2007/02/joining-the-trimbur-carnival/ Richard Fulkerson's "Composition at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century" http://culturecat.net/node/852 Karen Kopelson's "Sp(l)itting Images; or, Back to the Future of (Rhetoric and?) Composition" http://www.earthwidemoth.com/mt/archives/001896.html A more rigorous, integrated curatorial ethic(s) is necessary before we can realize a symbiogenetic relationship between field narratives (i.e., discipliniographies) and databases. Works Cited http://delicious.com/dmueller/cccc10

Derek N. Mueller • Eastern Michigan University • derek.mueller@emich.edu

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