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Some ofthe papers tay a ‘Showerove of ieping medicine she couldnt he mente fod Id ni iowa, we magi Have been ale to do something, You know abe md ‘She had'sRendache Dont yu th you coud come’ up, en ty Bee Al, cas Soothing wry eis as happened in Pennaania. Ines ret deal of wok odo orgeing = prose Goodbye, Ada May reg Bo ‘oy find, Ada Cohn call up on lhe Tm ou of theo. ‘neta macho oto spend my tame tang ear of hsterel wore on ‘sy Ye tie" Se puto her ha, coleted Re pperr, and ured ero {he meting ofthe commie WILLIAM. FAULKNER 1897-1962, ean 121936 Wa Fu pled se ced SS Sea i ema ena te ‘even the Jeadsomedines all within one book He developed, beyond ti wmtria= eae tear ‘Easy ichamet ms are chen cane end oro heey | ate saat Se er rr One an ses reed when Clarina rst bul plicon stead pic aur she S262 ae eco Selena sneer te rei Eeitgan pecans tien eet Bae ea eerm, mteramemn See nee earns is netted bed girl etcten sw eeacamdea smn Nel ete saci out me rhe bf gy at ‘SR Outed Pach nt er Hosni hs bv al doe RSS Si iauee menage LEE OE acl herd Oded nous hee ing a “SRR SRE RAIS Suh on sro te ty hat we a paar yee ei emtaneters, lie ammeter peated Se Seg peg oe ap EREECUER Tg ee seen se traitors mised pre i aary Sele ee Geena Ser Sate reogicneniecae ee Set pion core menieg are niceties Dust, und the shortened version of i that | rede 11929 a Sartori. In hia work. Pablo fepete ced dire aoe Seer peepee oeeta| SS SE eee raarsoe tee Poet tlie acters tacoma seat fiec Tint Se none tehsil Eason a ee SHORE aPasmihac rin sry rvs frmed a ecetope are oe poet ‘hie’ Burden ly aes herby tte oo of ers er eee eres ean Caer ec see See eS ine teemeenieeine Sogretge enacts fo Secgem negate eee iceman pitta arin i stem rete SPiahescpmupar easter sey orn tay mt tela idl poco nd cla Se Aon, ti rnd ne ai by arc hs of ors Sen the els oul elon EDRiMS Gar aaeee Dao manent ieetiubdcnetemmne ome mere Sep pep a na ero alle et sen me ee ot eam pa a Saheb ee eect gree, Sets ect Sn poiemnanrr acter sere up re apo ptn es See ree etre reece SE Career corre ieneeriences Sey ei Th wn 08 de tm 950) cae ye ‘eel ay Dying eased Noel Pole 1965) The tearm Burin weit of ace Son 191 AAs [Lay Dying! Der! ‘eel ap came up fom the el lowing the pth sng Although im fifteen fect shed of him, anyone watching vs Rom the eottonhouse ‘ace Joel Iayed ad bvken saw hots fll oad above yom CES spe Seite pliner cy Eat nes Env he ator ote feldsoher tre ae ils the atone 1 four sf rg angles and pos on eres te Bld apt, worn 90 eet {n ading retson eter of gh es, Betws hh he ching ha to earthen re eg de ph er inipe oppene walling one the appear ofthe pate Ween wo teach ena fol the path wich cles Ue howe, Jel, teen [Bet hind me, loking igh aod pe tnt sngle sede tough de window Sell sing straight ahead is ale eyes he wood st into he ‘Tso fse he cscs the aoe mn four eter wi thei rey of = ‘Sper store Idan dese pce veal sea ended ihe Bom the ‘edown, and open singe side teough the oppo window and no Meijer apan ta come around the comer tf sole Se and ve fot ‘nl Jewsl now in Bone, we goon up the pu toward the fot of the i ‘wagon sande bose the spring. itched so the ral, the rene mrpped ds the set tencion Ue wap bed eto hai, Jel ‘Mopac ong sd sakes the gourd from te wlio branch and en i pri ad moa oe ots Eng eof the bd et eae hg eds ellow a al ie ng thelr ake ots ndlaons JReMarLPaf he ade aes grchyenter Cok He old he fo fens onthe ren eed sons the ecm square f the nid bo. [Heine and sque long te edge ef them, then he lowers them snd ties op the nA goad eapenter ie Bunden couldnt want» betet thea beter bor ep il ee her confidence and comfort 1 30cm Co ‘Be hoare:follomed bythe ‘Chuck Chuck Chuck of he ae So ave out the eggs and bald yesterday. The cles turned out sgt sll: We depend oon our chicken, They ate Sod ayers, whot fee ‘nel sftes the posumsand sh Snake ton the sonnei ‘elacaup hem boue quiches than arahg”So fer they wore pin {pjcoeo0 much more ans M Tull ght fet I promised that the lldcence in he maber of epg woud ae pt bed tbe re ea {chan ever Bocuse neat fl nto te took them. We could tne ocd cheaper hicks bt} gave my promive Mins Langton "idan se adted meso get a 450) breed, becaure Mal nee ‘St thor el bred feo or hogs pei the long am, So when we {Ser as many af therm we eld aod co ure te ogee, bane leans ve id Melle wc my yn nok ‘ral Gk tho and era erupt tine to nteste thee alte of ‘Er Beth the squtlent of up Read Ad that by nrg the epg out one 2s ime, eye St oggr wuld be costing anything And tat ck hay isd Sollee st only saved wat enough egy above hat we hod tang oss ble the Ses wih {ha sed enough no chat he RES the sugar end the sored would nt be cong sting So {Bal yereay ore carcalham ver bed in wy earl he ees tuned out rit el But hen we Go fo tw ths morning Miss Lavine {ontoid me the ln had changed her mind ted‘war no og to have the ng aera "She eught totem thor al syn” Kae sas "Wall" Pay, Treckan abe ever bd oo we fo them now eerste “sn nH ht oo eb bea Bo Pn (Banus sagan "Yon can gto dar pece for them” Kate se ‘Wai like they com me anything” Loy sed chem out and swapped s dean of ther forthe sap and gue ie the eas cor eS a ella cae! thao ae ed ‘ojo wna we bad ngage to ls ws ke ead Found ea oF ‘hey bee pes to “Rie ongit talon thoe cakes when she same age you her word” Kase se Lond cans in the ear if to in il that some Fale tha ifrene ean af Honest rom othe os, isnot my place to question His deere vel too. ° “The guilt down up to her chin, bot a ti, wth oly her two hands a het fact wut: She propped onthe low wit he head asd so she SSNSCS cut the window uw can cae ee ie he aso he SRLS he sn Ire were def coud almost wote ee fee apa he ‘mse hn He facets wasted ey a that he bones dra ost under the TERESI ne: Her eyes ave le o caer whensouwatchthem ptr ‘Sotn te shes of row candi wack Bu te sternal and the eer ising sation and grace go up be. Sey tumed cut alice sy. "ut nt ke the cakes Ade wed to tole ou cn naa gs wating and oning ne plows rome cee wot Mabe ell oeal her blindness to eying here 2 te {sy andthe asada of fur men end tomboy ga Theres ot ‘Seman she socton ould ever ake with Ade Banden” Ise "ist, ‘Binz we low shell be upd ang aa, and hen we won ave Stl or ours at all" Under the gull she muhes no mare of hump tan 2 {el woul al he oni way you cam tel sh fe reahing bythe sound of {he ance ahachs Event har at hee chek doesnot mare, even wih {hac tnding the ove he fang her the fan. While we watch {RE Sup ef the ber hand widow oping “Igahe eepag Roe nhinpet “Siesjtothing Gach poder the git sys, We cam eae dhe sn the bord sounds ke snl. E tna on the ta and lal ot the ‘Show Her ecnce locke ed mise ith he eat Nou woul tie ‘ly cot tren cemts Sangh taken hove ces!" Kae sas {eval ere une the my el welt ut oe ik they cont mea shoe epee big San hn tn ay io ae ‘lice noc everbody con eat their mistakes ean tall him Sonera cons sought a sk eS ot vk he ‘oe beh Hah es a eas he ead ity nthe her REE When she Ans ee matching her ber eee go Blan forthe. uy. Thay cured ot ea and Vernon ae siting onthe bck porch a i thing sna from the ‘Fira no hs erp ang the ipods betes am Sedge Ta lk ound cd pach sa phe pad e "Mihereslonel" passe. When Lat boy I fr etme how mach btiee sneer et oho ihe at awe eds buchce Warmireel dh Sst eh yw in cease eb oeaee ‘ii tel Lodo om he pallet inthe al ating ewouldbe back. the shelf black the sll surface of the wacer around ofce [nvnathingnes bere before 1 sine fsa wat the ipper I coud ee tujhe far tho the Huet and ybe Inthe dippers ne otro ‘etre {deni Alter that waebigae, lc Then fel wat ul hoy tllwent to lecp so I cou ie with shea up, bearing them sep, Inelngyeelfvkdouc touching mj fectng he cl lence loving at ‘by pure and wandering Cea war yodee the aloes ding had ‘dsng pouches year blr Td he woe oor ee a dye ome ump nde nd med wih ‘Bade shoes when he war boy Beside scar hs Drogas se They ak though they hadiecn backed witha bunt aes a pron, Vernon hat ‘tanto tom, Lhe eve ean fim goto town mover i wie hey Se ug schol to, once "ins the dpe Sogo the ground and wipe my moth on my eee Inte ging to ven barre moming Maybe before dan "bow toe ary” "Bown ete eng wi tat hore He wil goon through the ar the peste The bore lng be i igh he ap tere among the pe ‘seedlings nthe cool. Jewel whistles once and sll The hore sorts then [eel ates in lasing fr «gay insane among the be ows Joel ‘else apni he hore comes dn the stove sella i {ler cocking and Dhclang his mivttatched yer rll” and bes UP ‘ny fot fey, rondo watching Jewel ove he shoulderin an te Rona ee sere “Come heen" Jewel sae. He moves. Moving that guck Mi coat sei es ig iy mary fre, ond me od ad‘oltg tthe horse raloysnuther short Sureting hed spe Stain eet bance eteing Jewel Jewel walle scny toward hit ee at leur Joel at ee vo as ced fo "Whe Jowt an hoa touch him, the hore stands om bis ind legs ad tess dna Jee Te Joel tr coeoned bya pttring eof aoe {by iluion of ange mang thems Senet the uprated chess be ‘owes th the fasing Hiern of take, Foran rant blo te er ‘iter onto sams he eet hin whole bd cutee, boson oping ag SSS snake-oer, unl be finds the hora nots and touches each aa ‘ies cya i enn: ety the ort bake dhrut on steed Shubesng lage nth Ieee hen Jewel with dg el stag of he ‘ote ind i ne on wh th be pting the horse's ec shor ‘ie mad and carcring arin the here bse fro. “he an ntti hay hehe Geblingand ong Then Jewel’ h onthe ftses bac. He flows upoard ima stoping sel the {eta whi, hs ayn mae shaped fo the hore: For another moment {he bce sae spradle, with lowered ead before us into motion ‘Phe descend he il In seven of spelen jap, Jel gh eel The'on the wie othe fence where the hase bunches Seating, hak aan Jewel says ow cam gl now fou at plenty” Ins he Sse ove os nning to te ground before the ork ops “rie hore eters the sll Joel olaing Withoelokang bak he Bore Lice any sammtig ge bof int the all win «psa epee [vel tk ho inthe atomachy the horse ches his eck back. crop- ‘Ete Jewel sees him srw the face no ae 2 {ton sind mounts pon te Cinginge she ha rack be loners it head ae feu econ the tal tps aed tough the doareny. The uth ember Ets ite le eaonat even hens Cash sing He rsches upon rgs dan ‘yin ered orf sd ramet na he rack “ei sgs Get the polar sl out fight while you got achence, you pel gua bared ow meee son ft bach he ys Jewel es because he says out there, ght under the window, hammering ad Maton thet emma Where sha gic tosee in Where cer beat SROaR elf a noclong and saving where abe can so hi suing Six Soc what a god ene am talong frou. lain og somewhere Sie. Taal Good God do you wane tts erin Ws keen he a lide Lipase ss he nd some frie she woul yt ae some ove al hea te bread po sod bogie back frm he en all, thane Anh them thes siting hee ihe Buzzards Waiting fanning them: sels Betane Isat uous heey om cing and wing tui ES, Sis tp ova sd nr ands png te gut ie oa of hem ons dg sod Goad nash and your coulda ge them lean Tan ee ‘Retin and Dewey Bells ym sale ods ther lone, Sabin sd [Rvocking and lacing thes leaps moving no atom er face that hen our ed ou sate breathe andthe nde ging On ic es Bavhck ied One el leo il cveydy har passes the rood wl ve to stp and te tansy nt fie cepenter he had ust been oe ‘Shan'Gush fl eda hac cut and ie ad ort boon me when po lad [Sit lod of wood fell on hi twould ae be happening wiry iichac tthe county coming nso star at her bocaetf rena God hat ‘hele He fe I sould at be se ane her one high hill and ering the cocks down the bl at thee faces, icing thers up aed throwing thmn ‘ow teil nce andre and aly God tl shee que sd tt eddznn ase pong Ove ick lene One ik ee sd we cal be et, Dart We watch hin come around the comer and moun the sep, He doce not (ose Nouv “at yu hitched up." Tse. Tay “Wale” He ops, oking tp. Vernon spas thout ving” He Sus wih caro and dlberat rein ns the pct dan ow the ore Pa ake hc hand soon hs nese [basing out beyond the ret ofthe bao ocon the and Joel watches Sfe ene an eps one al nm “lemeane tree dollar” Iay The shire actos pas hump faded lighter shan the et of Thre nso owet San om hs Sie Tare nee stent {tee sino hs sits He was sk once fern working nthe sans ae Serpe eR i op ti eer owen hel Sut ae done fart unl you get back, he ses. “She wile dap reeset ene ern spt into the dst. But wl un before ming. "Se cated ont"pa ape "Shell want tart right eray Thnow her 1 pmsed her Take de tc hee and reg ad shes coving on "Well need eh shee dlee tem ure Tay He pce out Ser the Japa rabbing fie hands on his Knee Since be et i ecb oth Silps in slow pectin when be dip stubble ges hi wer ace Siete al dae eb a ye nd "Ma aint that ck” Jel sap," gy Dak “Thats night” Veruon ss "She seems more ike heel today than she ‘agin a weak. Tine you and evel get bac sell be setng up "ou ought elon" ewel ap Vou bean hte on enough ooking at ‘er You of ou folln® Vernon ack hj reper hse ple wed {hin high blooded face, Hess head alert ayo thee oan abou ssl tld them thats why ma ale whipped hr and pete him more ‘Becuespening un hone. ays mae “Shut up, Joel pa sys datas hough ent Icening mich, He ges cag acts te land bb snes = “ig could boro the lo of Vermont's etn and we could etch up with sot ae di wt fa “Shp, ste your gaan mouth Jews ~shelt mney ooo: p aye Hens ees. "Dont ee aman “ies laying there watching Cash whl om that damon Jowesys: He says thay sorgay bute doc not say te word Likes he boy In {dato Mi he cotage and sudony ahs nc lence by Bi 0 "She wasted tie he wants ogo in ron wagon” pa sys "Shel se nn ed un cod an het sents: Sat Pei th yep TEE taste maen sig omsea ore rape fn a ES eat Bh ogres paune ta ea to OE ie ear mn tae eben” ten cheat setter eer tiered ee Se oe perce amon lec ag in a ce ope can oo ie eames eg ee ae ae ah eee ened ar cui haee eget eset ES chn hr arcafne sre ‘Tif evetpbody wast burning hell gether there," Jewel ayn hat harsh, Tioetimaeraelicen re ova ong SER a tpt ect or gene ben rolome tee art Me ner ee EER ee too faa are wr mreeeesta Lh Saseueetsor ce rebar ste eS oy to mont” Panos a an ey ea werd eating mols amet eta He goes down the sep, Vernon opi realy io Son nny tp“ oul on ap alg SLSrgdare BOY RUINS guct'on round he hee ater the bal weed gs DEL Ey ihe fa anneal sr herr Lr ee PE eck Seles efor te tur na da emt st eer eae ask Sr ee beng tg ye Sceprnceh sews ves hig] erst ee aw al nee Aeragahe Saat Se cing im fem i mothers doth be ee a pa a gee Sen chcs hacen cao ste Seas Sacre cetaceans ena ae SU ies ne Soe cane inet sit tn mn gti ni subortruenet sine tetescestes iin ogieinon tap goa that ga He id ei shina begged he oe ot oe ‘intone eats Bt ting rode ao ‘Ere bu thnk of hatha ha Joweeing i hose eae oe E ei Satta eons Sea cy cious mibmemem ark Te ding setae the gotige aa nnn ie Soler denying SEATS mcg cnet BeERE Eri lines se rates ao epee seetaeceustetchte seem se Bec hei ode wl be he ses fy lowed iy ad on ae SoG as Gimeumiarmnnas Ee so tpg cea atc rc mt te Ginaoeccieuchomtciciseiencod “an a dt she go aire”. "Not oe of them weal hare stopped er th even ta iene sont od enough new coke eich oman ce ee AS ae eesaeseaee eee a 7 emgage etn wpe wn ge fim by not eelinge ala contin alive or dead Would yo expect me to want go bach to Alsbreandes =e ‘Well flls are different,” he eid, enter oe re seu as ett cinta dpe tcc gecyiuaictar iin mnt ors te gue kerma torneo ta, sovunirte ene oem orice Societe emg tn EGee seein memeines Cansei | snot they had decid to ake that tad; they would have lode Feta GE sAGt un gu and rome the tee ota then stopped 1 Sefer ne tod wat Chan death hey would le er "Epc Dor ie war the sect thing ve a Sametime Hove Eth inka ttre Yous) Lam sued by doubt But ays the Lord esate dh and evel to me His boutezous love for Hr ects ett’ he oe she ed abraye chersod, not him. le was aie ha Setdins dolla tewas Bathe oe tht fol sy ees, ay, etn ‘SRE pace beter Ans, wth Casa god carpenter dans ‘port beilns thane an get roa, sd Jel age datng something ‘Bev ae him sme soney ogo hp ted soot, se hae nek ‘Balaoys sanding ver ca an vo chat every ine ay ted co Eth a het er up an or g k k he {yin to lecpenpendy ow coming eat he ec Bel He come to be dvr ad soo theres looking this bing matte jos ook her sd the baoteoes lowe ofthe Lard aeat ‘nll mesey: fen tha wih eel she ad jut been pretending but hat ‘ites beter ad Dal i tbe umderinding ad bet ove ws, zfs Tse thyme ven coming bore sh could ee hire od et setlacming thee Ance war dang him away end be would never se het Bin He ssa nothing us Tok be. Wty wants Bede” Dewey ell id noc stopping he fn, weaking up gut feepng ven hi foe ex He id nner He jst sbod and SEALas ising moter he eat ool for word Dewey Dell “The fst me one and Lafe pied on down the row, Pa date! west EESoas he wl sacs hie eat fom te hese so that everybody that Sete Jewel done care aout mphing he not no ‘Sing Set tein Ad Gash ike swing te long t td yellow ye ‘MeN catfolig them te soonathing: And pa thinks because naghbors lai Be ce ane soe thar oy bec he ha ive beso» bu [eke csr do for ute oid oe Ad id not that Dus wo thi tthe supper able wh his eyes gone faster han the food andthe ‘toro th lend day out of hs Dal and the oles ited with dance Doge hand. "Ge led a down the rom, the woode gutting closer and cou nthe secre doy ycking om nthe coat hee thm ach aed af sack BScnuc Toei wil on wont shen he zck woe hal fall ecouve Tua SESE LTR then we ttt moose wont be me. Talat dont Seri fica dare osck wis be fl abl ura up the neo ‘BET he Dc fal cannot hp tl be tat Thad to do el she Bosca Ter help fe Ande eked on toward the secret shade and “ern do opts wong on dy cond {idneoy anything Tan Wa are you Jong” ard heel eee eck Abd sete wall when we cane oth en of Sev and Told nt bap ‘Sad soit because {coud not hap, wae hen nd then Tso Da so: Heal ee wnt he or i eld me at a in i tha wt dee Coe wea be ad el Salted Vowideeto ee tf eee ‘Srorbue db li wei sade yt png sot ‘Base et wu te ny ue eat Yt Eos hethadety temaktebiosthioonnent habecne 4 owas ithe ‘Sika ou wane, Da Tsay “ee at hyd od hay a Ta coming oth seeds EVES in png Ln rp fe “Ps oe ogg” on “Teanchla okey mend bo att serpentine ref ee en Srila tc Si pm Ne a ae Tis i SER a nd are ey ce eg nd eee a eee ir penal aha! ay gh town "Bt nerds gal no. ng rn th ake eee ered pasate eget be Caen eee aaa "eye book nlf tin." wt’ ony ne Pert bck oe SSSR hth eT "Say tenn atten Ieee ote at Se tment id my may teed baereny and men Werke Sve dp esse seve ek Spiegel yaaa hel er teed tok Be ein tetera rman Poe ee ee adc pp laoreet ct ert ond etre Tr ea Eh nt a EinyG sone avaena cls cevop rma apr arte te sega puns alte heiee ut a hs wht Se eee sede ctntore weP Tate eae bandos Nome tae “hee you aint eae ying hee” Anse sap pcgaee tee SiteMap, He tak toward the dor, We cone the ting omnng auton te dea Cac oo, ooking and ba eit the herds These’s company in ther he Hy fll Tsay They'd ert seo Fare eect ealching tne doy. Ten he locks down a the ih eying suc He in oe soso dea the yeep BRA Sasa Ane is loking out. oe the lod. Vardaman la at Re TS th doe He tr, going oath comer of the house, ‘Shen Ans ale wou ooking sound "clean the "Anse ss ‘Yoaan tps Why cnt Bewey Dell lan i" he sa Noa deus tat Bay Anse sy SEEKERS. tte done oo agound. Varéaman comes boc SE eae de uti handy pearing wet de Bn ‘EU RSaL San djing inal again, germoued. gous cyed hiding ee seller dine, Bohra SED net wern ney tortie hy eee metns efor te owe mon ings AEs ‘oric Anse dont lock around. Vardaman plcke up agin: He goes se A oot nes ato ay bak eaten Burnham be ein ah nee nae i a oncha selene iy alloted feo st ee chaise i fa hoi elgngemed cen te ping bb ld estat Yc they ance nea lw’ a See ea mule he peek ke pcos of bit Se REAR ge Se Se ee re apis featck” Jaen rs ge sre mete ton Ane i EB Coon ben Cas ty omg sees cbse, Motil im ltm ie he nes weminge e TSipag aan ivy endo gn ‘Shock He comes tewaed the door where she is blinking bis ees, Kind of Dope a nts te jab ean Cm gr edt ens Teg fale trehing cee hm. Cash lng Sug hee swan oo Cs ‘Boat dont look st. He looks around, blinking in shat surprised way, die aa natal eke sped ten pd a weg ieiedthiece ar yf epi re uate Sund nm Benth ga cao ai tas ont eu mr MBE fats ube Taught then Beeune be dg ther ane something soi iow ne at ev ae aoe tl ie BONS Enats be fe waning ots bse nom mute, Because, ‘Sotelo brekier swe mrting Eustace Grint works Spe tage come ep i spn fms, using aoe z tm Ree neve de oh Bhatt a “lliny Hed mar he hore. 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"ise taht cy now, K's esto ge tinge doe nthe IE nsf gp vye. "Wo frat our spo.” “orBul Seether soc Wel ave why on "a you hepae her Dal sap ‘onal pte jr Me Geese mney sre Chtsdans here So Del at il pd we ent ot with Jewel squatting Sn te tal ques watching the back of Dats ead Hic looked et oe, Sota ere el ne tegen ‘op, wating Se tng be wa ning’ fm Tie a that way al bese we wat in rom of Mex Bunden's house ‘ncarng the mui, watching the bck of Dut hend wath them hard we “77 ml playing heb eaphor i wit playing othe hous. [tw one of them grapopbanee yas nau ses musebnad "Ba you wane to goto Pesbody2?” Dat sald. “They can wat here an tll paand i deve yo to Pesboy and come back fr them" 2a" Ta ster te demi non a he ce ei eS ese ara rm Ee ty tot ne here he sad. 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