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Kailie Meier

Poetry Genre
Lesson Plan
Grade Level
Where/How would this lesson fit
in to the overall unit plan?
Estimated length of time to teach
this lesson

Language Arts
Third Grade
Students will learn about book genres particularly poetry. They will get a very
basic overview of what poetry might look like, and learn about color poems.
After they have learned some previous genres, but this will be the first introduction
to poetry.
30-45 minutes

Common Core State Standards



-Unit Objectives
-Lesson Objectives
-Performance Objectives

Unit Objective- To teach students that theres a poetry genre.

Lesson Objective-To gain a better understanding of what a color poem it.
Performance Objective- To ensure students have gained some knowledge about
poetry and how to create a color poem.

Materials Needed

Color Poems
Voice Prompts
Color Web
Color Poem Template
Review the books the students brought in that were fairytale books. Students will
pick out a color poem and a way to act it out from the baskets. They will read the
poem in the voice they have picked. We will go around listening to all the color
Once the students have finished reading their color poems I will let them know that
they will be making their own color poems, but first I will tell them a little bit
about poetry. I will then pull up the color web on the board and do a color poem
with them, then ask them what their favorite color is and have them write it on
their color web. They will then work on the senses of their colors according to the
chart. Once they have completed their web they will transfer their favorite answers
to the template.
Teacher Input- As a teacher I will make sure the students understand the
assignment and I will walk around making sure they are doing it correctly.
CFU- I will watch the students work and see how they are doing if they totally
understand the assignment or not.
Guided Practice- When they finished their web they will transfer their favorite
answers to the color poem template.
Closure- Once the students have finished I will ask them to share a line or two of
their poems.
Independent Practice: The students will take home their color poems and draw a
picture that represents their poem and color.
Were the students engaged?
Did they understand?
Did you make the directions clear?
Did they participate?
Did they enjoy themselves?
What can I do to make the lesson more engaging?
Fall 2014

Anticipatory Set (the hook)

-Teacher Input
-Checking for Understanding
-Guided Practice
-Independent Practice