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South indian recipes

South indian recipes


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Published by: smtdrkd on May 05, 2008
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1 c. bleached almonds

camphor (cooking camphor), size

1 gal. milk

of 2 mustards

2 1/2 c. sugar

2 Tbsp. pistachio nuts (crushed)

1/2 pinch saffron

2 Tbsp. cashew nuts (crushed)

10-12 cardamom

Soak almonds in water for 2 hours and grind it in a blender adding enough water

to make it into a coarse paste. Boil milk over medium heat until reduced to about half

the volume. Add the almond paste. When the mixture boils, add sugar, saffron and

cooking camphor. When’ the whole mixture comes to a full boil, remove from heat.

Cool and add crushed nuts and powdered cardamom before serving. 8 servings.

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