If You Read the Don Juan books by Carlos Casteneda, Don’t Jump By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq.

, Coif © Copyright 2010 by Anthony J. Fejfar In the book, “A Separate Reality,” by Carlos Casteneda, Don Juan, a Yaqui Indian Sorcerer from Mexico describes various techniques to develop your magic as a Yaqui Socrcerer. Now, I read the book, and, in retrospect, I would warn you not to read the books. Reading these books can cause atheism, satanism, and mental illness. For example, Don Juan tells us that Satan does not exist, but then, turns around and tells us that we need to develop Personal Power. Of course, as all of learned in Junior High, in Public School, Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. I’m sure that these words, as related to us in 9th Grade by Mr. Mumm, our 9th Grade English Teacher, are still valid. Now, Don Juan, the Sorcerer, also tells us, basically, that God does not Exist, but instead the Spirit Exists. Of course, the astute reader knows that the Spirit is really the Holy Spirit of Divine Wisdom, also known as the Spirit of Vatican II. And of course, as we all know, the only unforgivable sin in the Bible is the Sin against the Holy Spirit, and therefore we have nothing really to worry about, believing in the Spirit. As the reader may recall, the Spirit, also known as the Spirit of Don Juan, drove Jesus into the desert where he was tempted by Satan. Now, Duan Juan makes a certain mistake in the book. He seems to suggest that to become a Yaqui Sorcerer you have jump off a cliff with your physical body, and somehow not die when you hit the bottom. Of course, we all know that what you really are supposed to do is stay at home, comfortably in your bed, and multilocate a dreaming

body or psychic apparition, and have that aspect of you jump off the cliff. If you do it right, your dreaming body or psychic apparition has relatively little density and you can levitate and fly with it, thus not dying when hitting the bottom of the cliff. Of course, if you do not do right, your dreaming body or psychic apparition will fall like a brick to the bottom and die, and so will you in the bed. You may wish to practice levitation or flying with your dreaming body or psychic apparition before you try out cliff jumping. Of course, I, the Author, am not saying one way or another whether I can do this.

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