Points to Ponder – P2P: 1

Philosophy of Wellness
(Prof. Dr. Madhavan – Bangalore 98860 67232)

1. Health is one; but diseases are many. 2. People heal themselves with their own mind. 3. A belief that “nothing is impossible” itself is a powerful mind. 4. The body is not a problem; it is a part of the solution. 5. Illness is a message to redirect, recollect and restore your life. 6. There is no disease that does not have the potential to be cured 7. Every cell knows exactly, how to heal. 8. Cure is sure when faith is pure. 9. Diseases come & go; but health always remains. 10. Healing is divine. Body itself make better medicines. 11. Health is personal. Take personal responsibility. Don’t let others handle it. 12. In health, role of body is 20%, rest 80% comes from the mind. 13. Food is living medicine; Medicine is dead food. 14. Healing, holy, holistic - words, all have the same root. 15. Medicine and Meditation also come from the same root.

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