Homework 2 Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. 1. The cat was on the sofa. 2.

Tina and Tony weren’t in the classroom. 3. The school was very big. 4. Tom wasn’t in the kitchen. 5. Sam and Tina were in the park. Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. 1. Mon and dad bought a new car last year. 2. Mark didn’t go to Paris last month. 3. My friends and I ran in the park yesterday. 4. My aunt sold her house last week. 5. I paid the rent two days ago. 6. We didn’t visit the museum last week. 7. Mark arrived on time to his class. 8. Martin didn’t work last Sunday. 9. Sandy played tennis last Saturday. 10. I listened to music yesterday afternoon. For each person find job, date of birth, country and five things they did. Write them in a paragraph. Salvador Dalí Henrietta Swan Levitt Cahterine the Medici Mahatma Gandhi Albert Einstein Sigmund Freud Grace Murray Hopper Charles Dickens Emily Warren Roebling J.R.R. Tolkien Winston Churchill Oscar Wilde Margaret Knight Mata Hari Michael Faraday

Look at the pictures and write the story.

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